Is sitting the only way to meditate? This question was asked by one of our Facebook friends and received several answers. Do you have any other comments? Annie: For me, my moving yoga is meditating. In the Buddhist dictionary under monkey mind is a picture of me. I can't sit still for long periods, it doesn't calm me, it frustrates me, but I can focus my mind if I'm concentrating on my breath in motion. My boyfriend hikes, alone, in the wild, for days and that's his meditation, hiking, building the tent, the fire, the packing up and focus on direction. All of these things, if we are aware of them, are a focal point and a way of sharpening the mind... Geri: With mindfulness every action can be a meditation. It just depends on your intention... So ask yourself this: What is in my mind? Is it acting for others or serving itself? Mega: No, there are many ways to meditate. The important thing is keep ur mind focus n relax Dennis: ‎~Because in the Mountains of Tibet,it is said that Monks can achieve levitation thur upright Lotus Pose,It works thur deep concentration and deep Prana Yama~. It Works, just when your head hits the roof it's time to come back down…. ;) Archana: sitting is one of the postures but its most convenient and due to it u can close the" mulabandh ' which is necessary other wise u will loose the energy . Harte: Only experts and seers can meditate in any pose. For common audience sitting pose is essential...

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  • Dear Friend,

    I think initially a stable posture is necessary but as one progress, one can meditate doing other activities also. Just observing
    breath leads to meditative state.
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