I would like to know if sleeping in the north-south direction is bad for our health. This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? Gregg: Sleep South on your left side. Polarity & Digestion affected. Never on your stomach. Anup: never put ur legs in south direction....ur head shud be always towards east and legs towards west... Jennifer: I like to sleep standing up with my arms outstretched. Sounds like my bedroom needs some polarity fung shui! Cecile: why should i never put my legs in south direction?? Solveig: sleep according to ur needs...if u keep listen to urSELF u will know what does fit best for u......and sleeping anyhow might be better then no sleep.... myself is in need of a quiet spot for sleeping ayone has some "left"...?;) Juan: Need to know that several situations to consider for example, that hours of sleep on sleeper, mood, sleep with whom, etc.. and based on these data to know when you're feeling better, personal experience will give you valuable information ... I ...usually sleep with my head facing east and west my feet ... etc. Vikram: magnetic north - for people in the north hemisphere - dont put your head towards the north.

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