Master Osho says that chakras exist because the process of energy in the individual realm is not enough clean. That the function of chakras is to process such an energy. So the number of chakras as well as their location, colors, and so on, vary from individual to individual. This view sounds interesting but a little bothering for those following a given framework. He speaks also of imaginary chakras that are created with mind power (a maya expression) by those who use imaginery instead of feeling...

I don't know if he is taking things sensu strictori or just rhetorical. Is there someone who can comment?

Osho: Meditación: el arte del éxtasis, capítulo 6.

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    • Ahhh the play of shakti. There are many teachers who have controversial things surrounding them. Rajneesh is certainly one of them. From the worldly standpoint things like this are shocking. From the absolute point of view it is just the "play of consciousness". I still struggle with these dualistist ideas. I think and feel that if we give up our Self to follow any "teacher" or "Guru" that is a false path. And that is the lesson for those who do. Eventually I hope they turn within and find the Sat (true) Guru. All major philosophies and yogas tell one to turn within and rely on ones inner Self etc. Choosing a teacher or master to help us is a tricky subject. One way is to obseve the students. If they represent what you admire then thats one good indication that the teacher may be for you. Also study and practice for one year with intensity with any teaching, then evaluate onself etc. I left more than one organization for numerous reasons. I am better for it and learned alot though those paths were not for me.

      Worship the Kundalini Within, That is the Guru, That is the Self.
      - Avadhuti Yoga Sangha
  • Ther are many books on kundalini written by yoga masters and some western adepts. Read the ones by the yoga masters first. I suggest Swami Vishnudevanandas early book on yoga, he has a whole section on chakras; read Kundalini Tantra by Satyananda Saraswati or Theory of the Chakras by Hiroshi Motoyama. Osho is to obscure for me to understand. I thnk that many people get confused in that they think they have awakened a chakra or kundalini when they have not. from my experiences and reading their are pseudo signs of kundalini awakening and chakra awakening. pseudo may lead to real awakening, it is a process. LIke if someone gives you money to start a bank account so that one day you can be rich and retire. IT is foolish to think that since you have a little money you are rich and can and retire ; one foolishly quites ones job and then ends up spending all the money and has to go back ot work again. IT is similar for kundalini awakening. I f we pracitce and respect the path and honor the gurus we will end up rich with kundalini and "inherit the fathers kingdom" full enlightment. Until then it is illusory.
    • What Osho said above, is not "obscure", it is absolutely out of range, it is far out, it is marvellous. I had never read this before, having rearly read a lot of his books, but for me it sounds right.
      He had his insights about kundalini not from Hatha Yoga. He knew a lot about this, you can read about this in "the search of the miraculous", talkings in the years where he himself did some Kundalini-Workshops.
      It is just, that he did not get kundalini from Hatha Yoga, it just happened to him. I would say, he was a walking kundalini (saw him personally).
      His insights were so high that nearly no one could understand. I hope now the time is coming for some people to understand...

      Master Osho says that chakras exist because the process of energy in the individual realm is not enough clean.................

      Yes, but in whom this "process of energy" is rearly clean? Thats why chakras are seen, in different personal colours, this sounds absolutely logical.

    • Namaste Sw. Kulananda. Thanks for your view. You are right. Experience and the light of Masters and reaserchers are the best path for building criteria.
  • Namaste Eduardo Mendoza,

    First of all i would like to thank Sukhdev for inviting me to this place, now coming back to the topic of CHAKRA.

    I would try to be simple in my words to explain.

    You have a vehicle which is mechanical and for the movements its requires gears so that it is smooth, what happens when the gears are worn out, there is trouble in the proper functioning of the vihicle.

    This is the concept of chakra, there are 7/11 major chakras and around 122 minor chakra in the human energy body which helps in the daily activity of the physical body and keep it clean.

    It is not that Chakras clean the energy that is coming they are not FILTERS, but what ever energy is coming it takes that and try to run the physical body.

    Now tell me if you imagine that your vehicle which is a SKODA have a gear or a BMW, would that be possible, so in the same way MAYA does not effect on the existence or increasing or decreasing the number of CHAKRA in the energy body.

    The counts remains the same till the soul gets salvation.

    Would like to know if there is something that i missed out.

    May GOD bless everyone with the knowledge of DIVINE
    • Namaste Rohit Sharma.
      Pretty thanks for your answer.

      It is said that the more clean or sound a kundalini process, the less noisy. Osho says that chakras and kundalini do not have to be approached to with a given theoretical framework in order for a person to feel (purify, activate, raise, etc) them. Because when having in mind a scheme, you find this scheme, and if this scheme is not the real in your case, you create it (a fake one, a double) with the power of your mind. For me it was (is) difficult to understand how it is possible to meditate without a minimal theory for all what we do, observe, say contains some theory, belive you or not; want you or not. And if someone says that "just feeling is the key", there is the possibility of no perceiving because the process should be silent, otherwise, it is a clue that you have to work more. Osho has a kind of meditation called 'dynamic meditation' and I wanted to know (I do not follow DM) if in the practice of this sort, such a principle is observed, or you sooner or later fall in imaginery (and of course in a given personal theoretical framework).

      This was all my doubt.
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