There are at least signs of such a Movement, see this article:

Sting, Crow And Gabriel Using Music To Get Yoga Into Schools

STING, SHERYL CROW and PETER GABRIEL have contributed to a new CD aimed at raising funds for providing yoga programmes for schoolkids.

Yoga Revolution also features yoga fans Sarah MCLachlan, Ziggy Marley and Seal and the project has been applauded by Hindu leaders and yoga advocates.

U.S. Hindu statesman Rajan Zed is urging music, Hollywood and sports celebrities to come forward to help incorporate yoga into the lives of youth and children.

He says, "Public schools should include yoga in their curriculum. Yoga is a mental and physical discipline whose (sic) traces went back to around 2,000 BC."

I think this gives hope also for Germany :-)) The more celebrities are engaged in such projects the more get public views shaped in this direction.

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More information on this topic will be presented end of this summer, see here the group "Happy Yoga Children all over the World".  LOVE & LIGHT, Devaki

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