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One year back, in a inaugural ceremony of wall calendar with a general discussion on the benefit of the most known asana “Surya Namaskar” had held in the premise of Balmiki Campus Kathmandu, Nepal which has been running under Nepal Sanskrit University (Earlier it was known as Mahendra Sanskrit University).

There were around 100-125 students including ex students and all teachers related to their department concerned with a chief guest from university itself and other Sanskrit intellectuals.

I was there too as had invited to join the ceremony as an ex- student (Rampal Moktan Singh) and the program gone well through. Meanwhile, I talked my friend Mr. Acharya jee and requested for 5 minutes to chant a mantra and got a chance to do that at before end of the function.

I had told to all participants that what I was going to chant is totally different and that has not been taught by any one nor I went to a school for it because I knew it is rare and taught nowhere.

When the chanting is over, all were surprised and Mr. Hari Prasad Pokhrel who is Dr. of Naturopathy had said that this language could be of ancient era (Prapubakal) and other Sanskrit fellows were in a very surprised position. Mr. Mahesh who teaches asana and theory of yoga in this campus had said it is challenge to all Sanskrit intellectuals.

This bless has come to me by Grukripa as Paramhamsa Swami Nikhileshworananda.

Reference is there; if any one like to have cross check on the said can do it or even meet me.

It is just for information that it happens in Sadhana and can be received as Sadgurukripa.

Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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1. does happen either by the grace of the Absolute/Deity or by one's REALLY REAL sadguru Krupa.
2. A true spiritual seeker may indeed reach a stage in spiritual journey where meanings of difficult/hitherto unheard words/mantras may start becoming crystal clear. This has been experience of many a true spiritual seekers.
3. However, this facility is considered to be a VEGHNA [OBSTACLE] on the spiritual path and as such it has been commented in Sheva Sanhetaa that a true spiritual seeker must avoid making a show of this facility before anyone. Well, this is the view in the Sheva Sanhetaa and not binding. If some one wants to go ahead making a public show of this facility for various reasons, well one may go ahead - after all no one can stop anyone from doing anything..
It depends how one presents himrself and how the other react on it.

What the use of receiving all the gyana if a person keep them within himself and not use them for socail development. If you are talking about yourself through this yoga vidya, is also come under a public show. does not it?

Books reference can be given by any one if he goes through but cannot receive such gyana unless he does according to advice given by his Sadguru because books are made very complicated and they are not in their actual form and hence their helps can not be enjoyed by a common person but a Sadguru can make it easy and guide him correctly and hence a human Sadguru is necessary.

Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
1.True, we all are making public show of one aspect or the other of our knowledge/experience.
2.It actually depends on the individual saadhaka to decide as to what extent the individual wishes to go to while showing publically one's knowledge/experience.
3. This facility is considered to be a VEGHNA [OBSTACLE] on the spiritual path by the respected Sheva Sanhetaa probably because in some cases it may lead to the development of the unreasonable inflation of ego in the practitioner, disruption of one's saadhana in view of people getting attracted to the saadhaka and wasting the saadhaka's valuable time, etc,
4. However, it would be wrong to assume that the Books reference can be given by any one ONLY if he goes through but CANNOT receive such gyana unless he does according to advice given by his Sadguru because books are made very complicated. WELL, THIS IS YOUR OWN PERCEPTION IN THE LIGHT OF YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE AND AS SUCH WORTH RESPECTING. BUT, IN MY CONSIDERED VIEW - YOUR THIS NOBLE VIEW CANNOT BE GENERALIZED FOR ALL SPIRITUAL-SEEKERS...!
This is your own perceptions too, I know very well that truth always remian as truth and that is very bitter too to digest but I do not mind you can go ahead with your own thoughts and i would like to wish you all the best in this regard.

Kriayananda Maharshi Dayananda
1. True, each one of us has a perception of our own.
2. What may be considered True by you may not be found/seen so by others. Similarly, what may be seen to be true by me may not be perceived to be as such by you or any other person.
3. Sorry, dear Saadhaka, the Truth always is sweet and never bitter [this is my perception, obviously you consider the truth to be too bitter to be digested]. If some one doesn't agree with you or with me or with any one else, it does not mean the truth is bitter. For a true spiritual-seeker, the truth always remains ever sweet.
4. Each one's own experience to oneself.....!
5. I always try to remain open to possibilities. I don't go merely by thoughts, I do cross-check in the light of the experiences.
6. However, I do admire your unflinching faith in your own perception. I would love to reciprocate your noble gesture by wishing you too all the best in this regard.
Anyway, it was an interesting discussion................!
What is the correct concept of the term ‘PERCEPTION’? Well, we can understand it by the hypothetical examples of the two hypothetical individuals X and Y.
X travels on foot all the way from New Delhi to Kathmandu and declares that the only way one can reach Kathmandu is ON FOOT. When someone tells X that one can reach Kathmandu even by an airplane or bus, the X refuses to believe in it.
Y flies to Kathmandu from New Delhi, in an airplane and declares that the only way one can reach Kathmandu is only by AN AIRPLANE. When someone tells Y that one can reach Kathmandu by a bus or even on foot, Y refuses to believe in it.
Both X and Y are correct in their own limited perceptions based on individual limited experiences. But, one can clearly see that their perceptions are limited and as such INCORRECT. Thus, it would be wrong for X to insist that the Y’s perception is correct only if Y followed the X’s perception and vice-versa.
The above quoted hypothetical example is applicable to the spiritual field, too. Different Saadhakas have different perceptions based on their individual experiences and as such it would be totally wrong for any Saadhaka to insist that those not following that Saadhaka’s perception are fully wrong or don’t know the TRUTH. The story of several blind men describing an elephant, by reverential Swami Ram Krishna Paramahansa in this regard is too well known to be repeated here.
But, yes, the ‘CORRECT’ remains the ‘CORRECT’ only. For example, the MOON shall remain the MOON and cannot be called the SUN. The one who perceives the MOON as the SUN is definitely having wrong perception! The ‘DAEVAS’ shall continue to be CORRECTLY perceived as ‘DAEVAs’ only and not incorrectly as the ASURAs. The one who perceives the DAEVAs to be the ASURAs is definitely having a total wrong perception.
Best regards.
Is it possible for you to share 'Mantra' with us! Vedas were conveyed to Rishis thro" sadhana .Shruti(memorizing) was the process to keep record of mantras.Further, bhashya was carried by various learned persons.
Is there any other divine lanquage other than Sanskrit! Can you elaborate on ancient era (Prapubakal) Is this lanquage is similar to Prakrit.
I believe that sadhna(meditation) under abled Guru is only way to communicate with Paramatma.
Dear Ramesh Jee,

Offcourse I can share with you all what I have received till date but you will not understand then, so you will have to come over to meet me the then only you can understand how this goes on. Any time any day you can come.

Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
Respected Kriyananda ji, Namaskar Please inform me about your contact details and also time and date of your availability at Delhi.
Ramesh Jee,

I live in Kathmandu Nepal

Phone 9841467107
Kirtipur, Kathmandu Nepal

There is no such plan to come over to Delhi at present. So while you may come over to KTM and meet me.

Kriyanda Maharhi Dayananda


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