One year back, in a inaugural ceremony of wall calendar with a general discussion on the benefit of the most known asana “Surya Namaskar” had held in the premise of Balmiki Campus Kathmandu, Nepal which has been running under Nepal Sanskrit University (Earlier it was known as Mahendra Sanskrit University). There were around 100-125 students including ex students and all teachers related to their department concerned with a chief guest from university itself and other Sanskrit intellectuals. I was there too as had invited to join the ceremony as an ex- student (Rampal Moktan Singh) and the program gone well through. Meanwhile, I talked my friend Mr. Acharya jee and requested for 5 minutes to chant a mantra and got a chance to do that at before end of the function. I had told to all participants that what I was going to chant is totally different and that has not been taught by any one nor I went to a school for it because I knew it is rare and taught nowhere. When the chanting is over, all were surprised and Mr. Hari Prasad Pokhrel who is Dr. of Naturopathy had said that this language could be of ancient era (Prapubakal) and other Sanskrit fellows were in a very surprised position. Mr. Mahesh who teaches asana and theory of yoga in this campus had said it is challenge to all Sanskrit intellectuals. This bless has come to me by Grukripa as Paramhamsa Swami Nikhileshworananda. Reference is there; if any one like to have cross check on the said can do it or even meet me. It is just for information that it happens in Sadhana and can be received as Sadgurukripa. Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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  • A thanks to lod give me masage
    Next time I asked some question
  • Many Manny Thanks for give massage & I always spend my time for gurusewa and give massage of other to gurusewa but some time I do Jap. But now I do Jap regular.
    I want to some Question for You
    How you come near from the Gurudev ?
    What is your Sadana, which sadana do you and which sadana you get success ?
    I want know from you. Because it is Prena for me and other.
    (Sorry my English is poor, so read normally)
    from prabhat, ranchi
    • Dear Prabhat Jee,

      Jai Nikhil/Jai Gurudev

      Sadhana is a continuous process and it is just not mere sitting on a seat chanting mantra. Off course, Mantra Chanting also acts a vital role to get succeeded in the desired sadhana.

      Gurumantra Sadhana is the key of my success and which is still continued but Gurukripa matters much than my own efforts. I still think myself as a small drop of water of the ocean and trying to get more and more power of spiritual knowledge. I do not want to show off my self but want to serve all the situations come to me taking as a guru sewa.

      It would be a self praise if I speak about myself much which I do not want at all. The time will come when it will spread out automatically. Mind it, you can mugged up the whole Veda, Geeta, Ramayana but cannot experience the truth unless you do according to the said quotes.

      You can say only that there is a line in Sri madbhatwat Geeta which means this and that but in my words what you have experienced according to the said Mantra or Hymns that value much. We only says that Lord Krishna has said this and that, Swamy Vivekanand has said this but we never tried to think that how they become like such what are the reason. Neither we try to understand the problems, difficulties they had to face or they had to sacrifice their own self and what they had paid for becoming such nor we try to get the real experience whether it happens or not as per their quotes in the holy books. We follow the short cut path and want every thing as a magical way but it is not like that.

      We are just remained follower than to accept challenge. We must not follow what Sadgurudev does but to obey his words that is most important. I do not mean that one should not have the bookish knowledge it has its own importance in its field but to get the spiritual knowledge one has to devote himself completely to the almighty who is within as Prabrahama and as a human Sadgurudev in your surrounding who wants your TRUE LOVE and without it you cannot reach him.
      Joining palms and singing hymns with dance cannot give totality as Akhandanada, Brahmananda , yes you can forget all your problems for the moment only but that also depends upon your true devotion on it but that cannot turn you as YOGI or sage.

      I would rather suggest you to visit to Gurudham Jodhpur and ask Sadgurudev about what is necessary for you than asking some ones sadhana. So keep going with the sadhana provided by Sadgurudev or else request him to get your subtle foam (Kundalini Power Chakra Sarir) activate through electromagnet power transfer (Shaktipat) in order to get success in your sadhana path. Please keep in mind that you will have to be in sadhana even after receiving Shaktipat from Sadgurudev otherwise it will be ineffective gradually.

      Please do keep deep faith in yourself, your sadhana and your Sadgurudev and pace ahead with a determination deeds. He keeps eyes on you so do not worry do your deeds that’s it.

      Wish you all the best.

      Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda.
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  • Hi Daju
    I am Prabhat from Ranchi, What I do for my self and my gurudev ?
    • Dear Prabhat Jee,

      Thanks for your interest.

      Please do try to uphold the Chaitanya through Gurumantra Sadhana. You know the importance of Gurumantra that can change any one’ life as it is so powerful mantra in the universe which has been honored with King of Mantra.

      Meanwhile you can also offer gurusewa through your physical works that will also help you a lot to have Gurutatwa. Gurumantra Sadhana is also a kind of gurusewa so try to give your 100% and leave the rest to the feet of Sadgurudev.

      “Nitayam Cha Nityam Sampurna Kriyarupam towam rupam Nikhileshwora
      Gurumantra sampurna Vedarupam shakti prapti aadhar Namami Namami Gurudeva.”

      Please do not misuse your valuable time and try to Jap Yagya as much as you get free time.

      May Sadgurudev Nilhileshwora Bless you soon.

      Please do write me in my email on

      With love,

      Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • Ramesh Jee,

    I live in Kathmandu Nepal

    Phone 9841467107
    Kirtipur, Kathmandu Nepal

    There is no such plan to come over to Delhi at present. So while you may come over to KTM and meet me.

    Kriyanda Maharhi Dayananda
  • Respected Kriyananda ji, Namaskar Please inform me about your contact details and also time and date of your availability at Delhi.
  • Is it possible for you to share 'Mantra' with us! Vedas were conveyed to Rishis thro" sadhana .Shruti(memorizing) was the process to keep record of mantras.Further, bhashya was carried by various learned persons.
    Is there any other divine lanquage other than Sanskrit! Can you elaborate on ancient era (Prapubakal) Is this lanquage is similar to Prakrit.
    I believe that sadhna(meditation) under abled Guru is only way to communicate with Paramatma.
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