Judge Yourself spiritually

It is just to let you all inform that how spiritually you are. It is a kind of questionnaire for self-testing of spiritual path you are walking on. There are much more however if you are gone through these then think you are some thing different from other spiritually. Apart from your material gross life. Have you ever sung the song and danced on which comes straight from your soul? Have you ever been enjoyed your scarcity? Have you ever been felt the vibration of body caused awakening of your inner power? Do you think that works happen according to your wish? Did you ever been travel deep down to your own soul? Did you ever listen sound of your own soul? Did you ever accept the order and followed them spiritually? Have you ever been guided by your own soul and take part on the functions accordingly? Did you ever experience the anger spiritually? Even not knowing about use of mantra etc earlier yet you did, as you knew it already. Have you ever been use the spiritual power/mantra power to erase the negative power and cure the people who had been affected? Do you using the very uncommon actions while taking part in your daily rituals which you did not used ever before neither you read or learnt from other? Does it looks unique or ever commented exceptional? Have you ever forecast and spoke the past of any one, which were found true? Do you feel that your creativity has automatically been extended? Have you ever been experienced the state of yoganidra? Have you ever been told by some one that you were in such…such conditions when the one who dreamed the scene, which you did not know and experience but after some times they come to happen as told? Have you ever been received the Dika of Rakta Chandan (Blood Sandal)? Those who know you earlier now find you a different persona in within you, which counts as per your changed behavior. Did you feel that ever? There are so many mysterious functions in spiritual life. The more you go deep down you feel that still there are long way to go. Does such feeling and state of your being is been build up within you that this state will remain for forever as you uphold it strongly and will never fall downward in your very general material life no matter even being in your material life. So Judge yourself. You can achieve the above state no doubt but the only thing is that how you devote yourself spiritually and if a Sadgurudev blesses to an ordinary ignorant person can become an extraordinary. Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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