Bless  me,  that  I  hear  no  evil,  see  no  evil,  speak  no  evil,  inhale  no  evil,  touch  no  evil,  feel  no  evil,  think  no  evil,  and  dream  no  evil.

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  • To get blessed, you need to do such works/karmas so that divine powers get compelled to bless you according to your wish.

    Evil and Evil Thoughts are within you so try to eliminate, Question arises how to eliminate?Answer is Sadhana and when you are succeeded then you will feel, touch, speak and so on very holistic no doubts. Please give a thought that you are able to feel divine because there is evil also.So both the sides will remain always so how you get ride off on such evil things that depends upon how you conduct yourself.

    So how you want to live whether you want to live alike Purosottam or just like common one, whether you want to be a leader or want to walk behind that depends. Choice is yours.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
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