• Dear Yogapadmaban Jee,

    Since you are a MA in yoga and waiting for PhD, your yoga type are Kundalini and Karma yoga. I hope during the course through out the provided years you might have read many books related to yoga, its philosophy and so on, still you are looking for a explanation on Kundalini yoga why? Off course, books and other related material may give and guide you about the facts which have been taken placed in the past but they cannot turn you a yogi or what ever you have your desires in your mind unless you do your own practice. Please note:

    There is no such institution or college which can tell you about internal body, these institutions can only provide you a degree that you have passed out the course as per their parameters provided that’ all and these degree will be helpful in your material life to earn money. You tell me very frankly, what you got, nothing but some one’s experiences only book’s knowledge that is why you are looking for Kundalini yoga.

    I tell you one thing, if you sit for a yoga/meditation you cannot perform nicely why because your material necessities will come to your way as an obstacle which is not fulfilled. If you tell a person who is hungry already to do yoga/meditation, he cannot because his first required item is foods. I think you got my point.

    If you are determined completely to become a yogi or spiritual persona then nothing will stop you, please go ahead but GURUR BINA GATI NASTI” mind it. Make your target to achieve it.

    A true SPIRITUAL GYANA can be received through a Sadguru and there is no option and it is a pure Sadhana Path.

    I wish you all the best in days to come.

    With love.

    Kriyanannda Maharshi Dayananda
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