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i've been suffering from lower back pain for a month.. i cant bend forward easily but it wasnt like that a month before.. i practised (though not regularly) yoga and cud touch my toes easily but now i cant even touch the knees.. plz suggest me what i can do to get relief from such discomfort... the pain just started the next morning after a night long work in front of pc...and it's been about 1 month... no improvement..rather i feel it getting worse....:(:(

Chetankumar: After a good warmup ,U need 2 to
Then dhanuransaan and setubandhanasana 10 sets each,
pachimotanasana for relaxing the back a bit,
And then
...Never over do ,and exceed stamina.
Also get doctor's permission before doing any exercise
switch to a high protein diet.
avoid more sitting or standing.
All da best.

Nitoll: thanx fr ur suggestion...i will try..:)

Ananya: ardha salbhasana...tadasana...gomukhasana... vauyu nishkasana ( i am supposing u are a middle level adept at yoga)

Tom: Hey Nitoll. You should avoid back bending, and pratice yoga with your spine on the floor first. While you are on the floor, always keep feet on the floor, I mean even in Savasana, bend your legs...
It sounds like your pain is increasing so would be good to see a specialist. And then, with a few advice and a spine protection, you are going to practice Yoga in a different way maybe as you used to do, but it will still be a powerful practice, and you ll enjoy the benefits.
Take care of yourself. Namaste !

Clair: You can Practice apanasana (relaxes pressure in the lower back and detoxifies the body), lying on your back hugging knees to chest, hands placed on knees, fingers facing the toes, on an in breath you move the hands and knees away, on an out... breath you move the hands and knees towards you. Some days I can touch my toes others I can't, thats the beauty of yoga, living in the present, being content with were you are at this moment, its not about how flexible one is, its about how conscious you are..most of the time our bodies are in the past, are mind is in the future, in yoga when we add the breath, this unites the body and mind and then we are in the present. You can also bend your knees in the forward bends, standing or sitting, be gentle!! Obviously your hamstrings are tight, do warm-ups that help to lengthen them.
Apanasana- doesnt relax is relieves pressure, its an amazing little posture! I'd also recommmeded you see a doctor, thats if you think its more serious, if you have a slipped disc, little bridge is a wonderful posture for correcting this kind of problem..

Anadi: here is some great music to practise yoga to:

Ramesh: yograj guggal + arogyavardhini+ lasunadi vati + shankh vati two times a day before lunch and dinner for 16 days ......u will be in comfort zone

Gayethre: dont do any foward bending asanas. only light backbends and lying on your back asanas

Nitoll: thank you guys fr ur help....:)

Natasha: you should absolutely avoid the discomforting posture . If forward bend is painful dont do it . Dont sit on pc if you get discomfort .
Best for you is to sleep in shavasaana everyday and concentrate on your breathing . This will sort of ...ease the pain then after a few days try some asanaas thta are simple and put little stress on the back .
Goodluck . but dont aggravate the pain .

Claire: Ahimsa - non-violence.

Yashpal: No yoga/ exercise is recommended during lower back pain. Never bend forward / backward during the pain. If lower back pain in not the acute one, lie down on the bed or sit in a comfortable position, it will subside within few days.

Ekodas: In my view - I have personal experience sevral times - this is not a difficult problem at least upto age about 70 yrs. Much easier and faster relief at younger age.
Standing: Raise your hands - preferably facing East - 'feel' taking in Sun energy - bend slowly - as much as comfortable; start with thighs, knees, then lower perhaps after one/two days.
Sitting in Sukhasana or similar easy pose, again raise your hands, bend forward 's l o w l y' - only to the extent you feel comfortable - HOLD for a few minutes - try 2/3 times, then relax - few times a day. The pain should be gone within 2/3 days! Remember: True healing comes from God or Divine Oneness - you have to have Faith andmake effort. Also after the pain is gone, make it a regular practice, few minutes a day, standing or sitting to practice 'forward bend' harnessing sun's energy to avoid recurrence. As a principle, do not bend hurriedly to pick up things particularly heavy weight objects.

Sanjay: pl. try to do the Makrasana.....this will help u in overcomming lower back pain problem.......

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