Man knows the comma and full -stop of language .He knows not the full stop of negative thoughts @ An elevated consciousness brings speciality to the task being done. Projection: Sometimes, while doing even a special task, our consciousness tends to become ordinary because of negative feelings for the self or others. Such thoughts make even a special task into an ordinary one. So what has to be done in a beautiful way is done in a very ordinary way. So there is a tendency to just perform action and finish the task at hand, which does not bring speciality and accuracy as much as it should. Solution: I need to understand that as is the consciousness, so is the feeling behind the task, and therefore its quality. When I am able to start each task with a special consciousness, like “I am victorious”, or “I am powerful” or “this task is for the benefit of all”, I am able to experience the speciality of doing the task. I am also able to increase my state of self-respect, whatever the task or however simple it maybe.

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