• HAri Om,

      I'm just study that from a very very good indian doctor, who thought before in Haridwar, in India.
      He lives in BUdapest.
      That course was began in middle of February.
      If You are interesting to meet him, just come to Budapest. Next Friday evening he will give a lecture.
      Just answer to my e-mail address:

      Have a nice evening.
      HAri Om,

  • HAri Om,

    We studied from Ayurvedic Doctors 107 Marma Points are all over the body. Only in the head & neck there is 37 MArma points. There are Vital points. If we hurted here, we will die very soon, or later or it will be very long treatment. The Marma Vaidyas able to use this points for Healing. This treatment is incredible.
    Purnima from Budapest ( Hungary )
  • hi aditi.
    marmas in ayurveda we called it vital organs like heart,lungs,brain, etc.
    marmas plays an important role in our body.

    chakras means- there are seven chakras in our body which is-
    root- at the base of the spine
    the chakras act as valves for energy from consciousness through the endocrine and nervous systems to different parts of the physical body.
    i hope now you understand the meaning of marmas and chakras.


    (B.A.M.S. FINAL PROF. )
  • Dear Aditi,

    Marmas and Chakras are different.Marmas are vital points in the body and is always have a specific pin point anatomical location whereas the Chakras are broadly located in a particular location.

    Chakras are more of functional entity and Marmas are anatomical entities.

    In connection with an injury,Marmas produces pain and other specific symptoms on trauma and need treatment.



    Love and blessings.

  • Marmas and chakras exist on different levels. Marmas are energy points that can be accessed through certain areas on the body (much like accupuncture points). They represent end-points of the nadi-s (energy conduits in the body) and can be massaged to increase health and vitality. Chakra-s are much more subtle. They are accessed through the mind rather than through bodily touch, and they represent stages and focal points (usually 7) that include the individual psyche and soul aa well as the individual's energy and thought patterns.

    In Yoga we talk about "Koshas", or dimension. A person has a physical dimension (annamaya), an energetic dimension (pranamaya), a mental dimension (manomaya), a deep personality dimension (vygnanamaya) and a spiritual dimension (anandamaya. The Marmas are located in the intersection of bodily and energectic dimensions. The Chakra-s are located in the upper 3 dimensions (mental, deep personality and spiritual).

    Das that help? kind regards, Oda
  • Chakras are in the astral and spiritual bodies.
    Marmas are in the physical body, they are the same/similar as chinese meridians and accupressure points
  • maybe I am wrong, but aren´t the Marmas special points at the human body?
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