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    Marmas and Chakras are two different things. Marmas should be understood as junction or meeting places of the 5 organic principles : ligaments, vessels, muscles, bones and joints, with the four types of vessels being the nerves, lymph, arteries and veins on the other hand Chakras are said to be "force centers" or whorls of energy permeating, from a point on the physical body, there are seven chakras in human body.

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  • There are Seven chief Divine Power centers in our body that are called "Chakras" and besides there are also 108 very special and important power points situated at different location in our whole body which have been called Marmas in "Veda".

    So out of 108 Marmas, 64 are located in the head region only and others are located in the region of neck, back, arms, chest, Thai and so on and these marmas helps one to get his body purified but the question is how to activate these marmas and to activate these itself a very special task and that is pure "TANTRA" and it should be done according to the Vedic way and I can tell you sincerely that books cannot tell you.

    Where as Chakras are such Divine Power Centres which help one to get the powers of Nature and that are called Goddess Powers and once it is activated the then its affect can be seen his behaviour. No doubt. But the same question arises as said above.

    So relation in between Marmas and Chakras is nothing but a part of spiritual body (Suckchama Sarir) are situated in this material (Sthul Deha) body, So Unless and until you are fully pure with both external and internal body, cannot be able to enter into the activation of Chakras. Our ancient Maharshis and Yogis were able to cure their body through activating these points as they knew this method, technique so called Tantra.

    This is true because I have been done it with the help of my Sadguru and that I have got indirect you. Although I have been gone through all Dickcha Sanskar but experienced it my home only and I am continue on the path of my actual target.

    -Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
    • Hello Sir,

      I want to learn this Marma Vidya. Can you help me to tell some detalis about it ? Please tell me regarding the course duration , location and extra information requird for it.

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      • Dear Mr. Kumar,

        If I am late for responding your query, pls do pardon me but sorry to tell you that to whom you asked this question was making me whether should I reply or not.Any way you tell me why you want to learn this?

        It is a path of Sadhana so be sure and do let me know. The process is to get first Dickchha from a Sadguru you believe or a master of such gyana.who can tell you all this or give a mantra sadhana through that you can have such knowledge because gyana can only be received from a real Sadgurdev by following the provided guide lines with complete devotion, faith, love and attentive.

        Wish you all the best,

        Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
  • learning marmas is not a easy thing. marmam means secret. this scientific knowledge has been kept secret for centuries because, it can cause equal amount of negative effect in the body, if wrongly administered. this marmam science was started by a yogic saint called Agathiyar long long ago. There are different types of marmam. one involves just touch, other involves pressure and third one involves vision. finding an expert in marmam is very very difficult. some families in deep interior Kerala, in India, still practice these techniques. but finding the right person is difficult, because there are some fakes who pretend to be experts.
  • Can anyone tell me where i can study, a crash course in Maerma massage either in UK or South India?
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