Can anyone give me brief experience during meditation! Is it necessary to do meditation----------- 1) Early morning time between 4.00AM and 6.00AM 2) Sukh or Padma Aasna 3) After doing yoga/pranayam 4) To concentrate on image Dhanyavad Ramesh

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  • 1) Between 4 and 6 is recommended but if you are not able to practice at this time, it is better to practice at some other time and be able to stick with it. Regularity in all things is the most important thing.
    2) Any seated posture that you can maintain for a long time is the one you should use.
    3) It is recommended to do asanas first, then pranayama, then meditation. If another sequence works well for you, you should do the one that works the best for you. A lot of people like to meditate first in the morning.
    4) Try it out with an image and then without an image, whichever seems best for you is the one you should use. Sometimes the mantra you use will determine whether you use form or not, although it is possible to use a mantra that typically goes with a form or image and meditate on the non-form aspects of that mantra/deity.

    The best is to start with the recommendation of your teacher or guru and then you can try other things to see which is best for you. In the long run you want to do what takes you deep and what you can stick with for a long time.

    Good question. Good luck.
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