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  • Dear Jai Shri Ram,

    I have been practicing yoga since I was 16, I am now 51. In my experience, I enjoyed it and could feel the difference in my body and mind, but it was nothing dramatic until I started doing Kundalini yoga. Even still I had little success by my own standard with a meditation practice. This all changed when I took Inner Engineering with Sadhguru.

    I think the reason for this is because I received the meditation from a mystic and realized master - it's similar to what is spoken of in the Autobiography of a Yogi. I would be glad to share more of my experience with you if you are interested.

    Inner Engineering now begins online at There is a promo code that I've been told is good until the end of June, though it may work for longer, that you can use to get a discount if you decide to register; here it is: 48005002.

    My simple advice: Don't give up!


    • I have news and a great opportunity to share with you! Sadhguru will be coming to the US to teach Shambavi Mahamudhra meditation in October and November.

      Shambavi is a simple, yet powerful technique to "engineer" and inner, spiritual revolution.

      This is a a wonderful possibility that you should avail yourself to as it will transform your life in ways that you could never imagine.

      You must first take the online program identified above so that you can attend the Shambavi induction.

      To learn the details visit

      If you register for both at the same time, the discount is greater. The promo code 48005002 should still work.

      Hope to see you there as I will e volunteering!


  • thank u so much Sita.....
    Jai Shri Ram.........
  • That's great Sooraj. The best would be to not try to think about what the results should be. You have for sure received benefits from this meditation, although they may not be apparent to you or what you expected. Keep going with your practice with regularity and faith.
    • Namaste mam and thanks for reply but i actually mean that am i doing meditation correctly or not and is there any rules and regulation which i should have to follow because i consult some1 he said that this is long time and surly you are doing something wrong so please give me some suggestion.
      jai shri Ram....
      • There are a lot of different ways to do meditation depending on which tradition you follow. If the kind you are doing appeals to you and you feel drawn to it, then it can be different than what your friend does and still be right. Also, not everyone will have the same experiences along the way, or in the same amount of time. At the end the results will be the same for everyone.
        Many oms,
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