Migraines and inversions - what to do?

Sometimes when I do inverted postures like the headstand I get a migraine headache. Is there a way to overcome this? What should I do? One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several replies - what would you advise? Jordan: I submitted a similar question. I sometimes have a Vertigo episode with inverted asanas. Marishka: Don't do inverted postures. Farahekhan: i fainted trice.....i felt i can't practice yoga anymore!any advice plz Siobhain: practise the hare and learn slowly to get use to the pressure, keep feet on the ground Sita Chaitanya: I think first you have to make sure there is not a medical condition that needs to be treated. Then I would go very slowly, at first only holding for a few seconds and gradually building up. Siobhain has a good idea, to keep the feet on the ground. Farahekhan: thank u very much ( siobhain n yoga v) Karen: I have noticed many people come straight up after inversion, whereas I have been taught to rest in childs pose immediately after. This is very important to stabilise the blood pressure. I also have had migranes in the past, but never caused ...by inversions.

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