Modern vs. traditional yoga styles

This is an interesting article about the clash between cultures/yoga styles when some yogis practicing Americanized versions of yoga attended the yoga festival going on in Rishikesh. What do you think about this? Do you think it is better to let yoga evolve in this way or to stick to tradition? AFP: US-style yoga upsets balance at Indian festival Annie: It isn't a question of whether we "think" yoga "should" evolve. Yoga, like all things, IS evolving, and always has been. Anyone who tries to make a human practice stay the same is trying to empty the sea with a teaspoon. Humans evolve, and so does everything we touch... Marda: there is a place for both the 'old' and the 'new' and there should be tolerance to both. I really enjoy Ashtanga in its purest form, but at the same time i find the modern versions accelerating. I agree with Annie...nothing is static. The yoga festival....not being a purist festival should definately allow for all forms of yoga :) Neena: The human race is evolving. And everybody is at a different point in their evolutionary process. So, we will all have different physical and emotional needs depending on our makeup and where we are. The different styles will fulfill our... various needs. The main goal of yoga is to help the evolutionary process and realize our divine nature. We all take a path that appeals to us. The goal is the same. With respect to 'Indian Festivals' - my personal thought is that we should respect the nature of these festivals. They believe in traditional yoga - which has tremendous value for us and the coming generations. These festivals aim to preserve the traditional art and science. Teachers who do not follow that style should stay away. It seems that these famous american teachers are ego-driven. They want to create commotion. It seems that yoga has not touched their hearts. It shows that the very physical styles of yoga are really not yoga. Agnese: As we say in Spain: every person is a world. No form of yoga should be censored or criticized if it makes a person more peaceful, or better disposed toward themselves and others. Whenever people attach themselves to form or style, rather sincere good intention and content, a new form of narrow mindedness is born. Kundalini yoga is the one that actively shows the utmost respect for any forms of spirituality. I wish I was as tolerant as Snatam Kaur or any other ky teacher. In my opinion, which is as valid as anyone else's, Shiva Rea rocks. And I'm looking forward to connect with that brave ky teacher. Halleluya, Hari Om, Namaste and Sat Nam to all of you. Vikram: Yikes ... saw a DVD called Boxingyoga !!! Gregg: The Indians want money and the Western people figured how much money they can make in Yoga. It's a perfect match. Look at all the Ayurvedic doctors, it's the same. When someone asked Swami Sivananda about Kundalini Yoga He told them to "clea...n bedpans." That action will purify you and your Kundalini will awaken. Those that have evolved to the Western Yoga dancer will get that and no more. It's Karma.

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