mohinder anand's new approach to yoga

mohinder anand yoga is new and it is just like a old wine in a new bottle that is easy and convenient to use.
mohinder anand yoga has a new approach and philosophy for healthy living and provides healing solutions through easy and natural way of life.
Yoga is a birth day gift that comes to everyone when borne and continues to grow with life.
Yoga has many styles and types that can be easy as well as difficult but mohinder anand yoga has a simple style, easy to follow and practice as a way of life providing solutions both preventing and healing for all normal health problems.

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  • simple and easy way to healthy living is what yoga promotes.
    i have been been attempting to practice this thought to go along with the growth of life for well being.
    yoga is connected with life through body and breath that goes its birth till the end.
    once we accept this truth it becomes very easy to understand yoga in its true form and nature.

  • Hello @Mahinder_Anand. Your thread a little bit confusing. Is mahinder anand yoga any yoga's poses or techniques? Can you elaborate more about this term mahinder anand yoga? I would like to recommend you a post on Yoga

    . Must read and write your opinion in comment box or in this thread.
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