Most important aspect of yoga practice

What is the most important aspect of my yoga practice in order to be successful? This question was asked by one of our Facebook friends and received several answers. Do you have any other comments? Claire: Be present Andrea: awareness Zak: Define what success means to you personally Solange: breathing and mental health Brett: Focusing on the breath within every moment of practice Hazel: enjoying it Gayethre: practice without interruption, for a long period of time, with a sense of interest and involvement are required for practice to be successful. Sita Chaitanya: regularity. ~ Char: To start where the student is and not where I remember what it was like to 'not know' Guru Bala: Follow the Iyamas and Niyamas, the Asanas will become successful ! Kapil: just be regular, gradual & loyal with urself. follow all the rules regulations told by your teacher, nothing else. Sangeetha: regular practice of asanas and pranayam makes us follow yama and niyamas also which leads to sucess Kavita: A healthy mind and body lead us to the success. Daniela: Yamas and Nyamas. The solidy base... Archana: it will be automatically gives u more stamina ,+ve ness,gr8 concentration,and more of all a strong mind.what else u need 2 be successful? Mamta: apply whatever you learn. Abhyasa and vairagya two most imp. qualities. constant uninterupted practice, and detatchment( even to the results or fruits of your practice).

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  • The most important aspect of a Yoga practice is the attitude with which you practice, i.e. non-judgment, non-comparison, non-expectation, no fear, openness, surrender to the process.
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