This questions has been answered my many people, but the problem they have done YTTC only from one centres, I was on my journey to do YTTC for different centres and rate them on basis of their teachers, yoga space, food and experience.

These results are only from YTTC in India.

I found SHREE HARI YOGA school to be best among all!

Let’s find out my do I think so-

Their location - The location of Shree Hari Yoga school is in Dharamkot area, which is near McLeod Ganj. The centre is surrounded by huge mountains which and a waterfall at the walking distance. Such environment provides an ideal environment for doing yoga.

Food - Food at the centre is Satvik, very healthy and hygienic. I have had food poisoning after eating at one of the centres in India, but food here was not only clean, but was very delicious and healthy. I used to look forward to eat everyday!

Teachers at Shree Hari Yoga- The teachers at Shree Hari Yoga are the best, they have an amazing command over yoga and they really know how to teach students. I strongly recommend learning under them. Their way of sharing knowledge is so amazing that one understand in one go. They make it look so easy while sharing their knowledge. I love the way they do adjustments and guide students in the right direction.

My life was really changed after doing the course from Shree Hari Yoga school, this school means more than my life to me and I’ll be thankful to Hari all my life.

Here is a small video they made after we graduated -

Do watch the video, you will really know why I am recommending Shree Hari Yoga.

Do watch out for my travel blog, I’ll be publishing it soon!

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