I am using the "how to start practicing Hatha series" videos My question is do I do the beginners first after I am comfortable with and then go to next series which would be 40 minutes of yoga Or Only one series altogether

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  • If you are a beginner and don't know much about yoga, then what you saw in the video and do what the master of the video is saying to you. It is great to get the right advice from the master for the yoga practice. Doing yoga in the proper way will give the effective results to you.

  • I believe its is better to go step by step, when it comes to yoga. You do not want any sort of injuries by incorporating into the expert yoga practices. Start slow, try to breath properly first.
    follow the mudras and basic asanas and then gradually move ahead towards other complex posses.

    Following video tutorials is great, but do not forget your own potential. Go according to what you may manage and do not push yourself.
    Always remember, slow and steady wins the race.

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    Have a good Yoga Session.

    Hatha Yoga for Beginners - Turiya Yoga Blog
    Simple hatha yoga posture for a daily practice of a beginner
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