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Today (August 4th) is the 47th Anniversary of the Punya Tithi Aradhana (passing away) of Sri Swami Sivanandaji. In honour of this occasion we uploaded an article by Sri N. Ananthanarayananji on the Last Days of Gurudev. This is at:

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Book Synopsis

Elixir Divine
By Swami Sivananda

ELIXIR DIVINE is the last work of H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda before he laid aside his mortal vesture. 
This little book of profound teachings from a mighty saint of the modern age attracted many an aspiring soul and we found that in a short period all the copies of the previous edition got quickly distributed and a necessity was felt to bring out this edition.  
It is verily true to its name, for through its pages we get the vivifying portion of Divine Wisdom by which we are spiritually revived and the life in tune with Divine is restored to us. It is a great sage's last message to mankind, bestowed out of His abundance of love to humanity. We have a firm hope that the Sadhakas the world over will deeply benefit by a study of these precious gems of wisdom contained in this beautiful work of inspirational writings from the pen of the great saint. We wish its readers inward illumination and the needed solace.

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VALUE OF PAID SERVICE: Two inmates quarrelled and one of them decided to leave the Ashram and take up paid service elsewhere.

The Master summoned the person and poured forth a torrent of spiritual advice, "Oh! You want to go? You want to take up a job? What will you get out of it that makes you think of leaving this wonderful environment? For what reason after all? Just because of a little ill-treatment and insult! If it is honour that you want, I will honour you daily. I will give you a royal salute everyday. I will make others also salute you and bow to you if you want. Will that do? I only wish that you would not for a trivial reason lose the opportunity of a lifetime of living a life of Sadhana and divine glory. Can there be a greater folly?

"What are abuses and insults to a spiritual aspirant? 
Some words are uttered and some sounds made, which are really nothing but vibrations in the air. But they upset you at once. They upset you so much that you will even throw away the blessings of divine life and prefer to go and become a slave for a monthly pittance. Is this a sign of discrimination and intelligence? The true aspirant never cares for honour. He cares only for God. If a man utters abuses, in what way does it affect you? If he calls you an ass, do you develop four legs and long ears? If he calls you a dog, do you grow a tail? Certainly not. 
Then why do you behave in this foolish manner?"

The aspirant's eye was opened. He stayed.


"Happiness comes when the individual merges in God." - Swami Sivananda

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