Opening heart and throat chakras

Here is a question from Bangsat: what are some good asanas to open the heart and throat chakras?

Our facebook friends gave these answers - what do you suggest?

Solveig: Matsyasana

Ariffatri: try to pose....then, do wheel pose...

Yasmine: I would say Gomukhasana and garudasana(eagle pose) for heart chakra..
For the throat chakra its usthrasana(camel pose),sarvangasana(shoulder stand) and halasna(plough pose)..extremely beneficient even for thyriod mal functioning and control ...of weight I must say:)

Mei: to open the heart, back bending asanas like ustrasana where the shoulder blades are brought back pushing the heart space forwards and upwards, also pasvottanasa where the shoulder blades are brought back as we bring our chest forward to a f...old. even simple poses like varabhadrasana 2 and purvottanasana.

for the throat chakras, postures like matsyasana and uttana padasana, where the neck is lengthened and there is opening of the throat areas.

Ilona:  yip! definately Ustrasana!!!!

Angele: Cobra posture followed by shoulder stand......

Kapila: Utrasana :)
And you can do it anytime, anywhere :)

Misa:  Ustrasana for sure!!!

Saraswati: Fish-matsyasana

Hem: Are you taking about chakras or the rib cage?
If it is the chakras then merely physical application of the asanas will be of little help... Being aware will help... Meditation upon the chakras is more important... I hope I have understood yo...ur question correctly... You were asking about the spiritual practice of opening the chakras... ??? There are certain kinds of meditations like Shambhavi maha mudra which help to open up the chakras... but as in all things related to the supreme self, practice, awareness, understanding the experiences is very important. You can learn theses meditations under the guidance of a master...
Good luck and happy meditation. :-)

Shirley:  for me i practise tree posture. bow posture and snake posture will help for .

Shoumava:  sarvanganasana . @shirley Dhanurasna bhujngasna

Katherine: Ustrasana, or Camel Pose, is one of the best in this case

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  • i will recommend Plow Pose (Halasana) and Fish Pose (Matsyasana) also Cobra Pose and Camel Pose are not only for opening your heart chakra, but also excellent throat chakra yoga poses.

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