• Dear Sunny Jee,

    This is very genuine and a nice topic you have raised, actually this depends on very deep belief so arguments go on accordingly too and I would like to share my views on the same in this way as there are three types of karmas and we are accordingly having fate, rebirth and further karma so it is a cycle through which we are moving and that are also said in our Holy books as eighty four lakhs lifes and every living being come into it.

    Three karmas are Sanchit Karma, Prarabdha karma and Kriyaman Karma

    According to our deposited (Sanchit) karma which we could not enjoy in the last life completely takes a new birth to have the rest in which prarabdh karma comes as new ritual in the present and again a human being having been affected by all the past life and does his karma but as human has a brain and can think what is right or wrong and that remains active in present as Kriyaman Karma so a human does accordingly and the results come to him as per his activities done and again the life goes on with its deposited karma.

    In case of animal it does not apply as they have brain but cannot behave with thoughtfully attitude they are come to have the life anyway.

    We can also think that we human being know both the effects good and bad, right and wrong, ethical non ethical etc and so on but why a human does so antisocial works even he know that is not good but he gets involved on them.

    But an intelligent person uses his brain and keeps moving towards the target he set to achieve and he gets succeeded, he does not wait for fate. So Karma and Fate are interrelated with each other. The fate can be changed totally by only Brahma as Sadgurudev, a human cannot dot it himself otherwise no one were be so helpless and hopeless.

    So, I would like to advice hereby, please do use your brain, knowledge and keep a strong faith within you rather to wait for fate as you are the one and you will have to do all that efforts you want to have in this life or else a regret will come in later.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda - open culture project
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