Overcoming sinus problem with yoga

One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other advice besides the following?
My nose stays blocked thruout the year which makes my life miserable..i had an operation in my right nose but it didnt help from keeping me to catch cold very often.. I think i have a sinus problem.. But i still believe that by practicing yoga i can overcome this problem of mine.. Can anybody tell me which yoga is useful in this case??

Chetankumar: U should be doing Anulom Vilom Pranayam,  press sinus points on ur finger tips,Avoid banana and citrus fruits like orange ,lemon,and curd in huge quantities.Tratak is very helpful in this cases.Gentle massage over sinus points helps more ener...gy and blood flow.

Ritu: haa abhisk d bst yoga fr u is to do Anulam Vilom .... as thrgh dng alom vilom ur brthng level vll increse n thruh dt it vll hlp t clean ur nose n ur system n also u shd also try to go fr d points treatmnt as it is really hlpfull !!Try dis!

Archana: apply" anutel"or "panachendriya vardhan tel"from inner side of ur nostrils if u can do nasya it will b much help full. take steamcan applypain balm b4 steam. and ys pranayam [anulom vilom,kapalbhati] r good for all ailments

lakshmi: kapalabhathi is the best remedy for synus problems...
Nitin: Anulom-vilom daily

Liesja: I had the same thing, after 1 visit to the acupunturist and cutting down on dairy I can breathe freely. Its worth a try, life is soo much better being able to breathe

Grieg: try a neti pot

Heather: I always get colds in my sinuses. Like right now. I am trying to cut out dairy and see what that does.

Heather: inversions also help.

Claire: You can practice these, mostly inversions-Uttanasana, adhomukha svanasana, sirsasana, sarvangasana, janusirasana, paschimottanasana, savasana, ujjayi pranayama, and try wearing less perfume, body sprays, tap into your diet..most sinusitis is caused by food, like bananas, dairy, nuts..try find out your dosha!! Be healthy, be well.

Vyxzen: Raja,Tantra and Pranayama; in combination alternating to open the nadi's. I would also see about harnessing your chi double. I will send you some information :)

Swami Saradananda : OM - get someone to teach you neti.

April: Try Pranayama. Look at the Hatha Yoga Pradipika for explanations of various types but use caution.

Heather: Bananas? really? Wow, I never knew that.

Katerina: Blocked nose - tears that you dont let go. Pils n operations can only make the suffering/pain lighter but wont remove a cause of desease. The cause is inside you. Revise your thoughts, emotions n behavior. Its hard but worth it!

Ramesh: herbal treatment + anulom vilom yogic kriya + proper diet + nasya = cure for sinusities
it is caused by consistent cold environment inside and outside the body when your immune system is negative

Judy: You may have a deviated nasal septum.
عارف فطري محمد why not you practise Yujaya Breath

Shirley: oh ,is right!

Sonia: neti pot is best give it a try.
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عارف فطري محمد Judy: i beleive the best practise when you have problem with your nose is by practising Yujaya Breath....

Subhash: learn jal nate its help

Keerthana: yes jala nethi is the BEST!!

Shohreh: some times using water+salt can help you.but u should wash your nose with saltwater everyday

Ritu: haa abhisk d bst yoga fr u is to do Anulam Vilom .... as thrgh dng alom vilom ur brthng level vll increse n thruh dt it vll hlp t clean ur nose n ur system n also u shd also try to go fr d points treatmnt as it is really hlpfull !!Try dis

Sheitaal: u can try jalneti, but do it with experts

Rashmi: wow!so much information for all of us!! Pranayam along with holistic help like steam,neti ect will surely rid u of sinus..once you decide to heal yourself then nothing will stop u from curing yourself.Start the practise and take one day at a time and see the results..

Abhishek: thanks guys for all those comments n concern...il start workin on it now!!!

Lucy: MAYURASAN- because peacocks can digest even snake poison. practise of this asan will remove all impurities and increase digestive fire so that even dairy and bananas etc won't trouble you. Agree with pranayama and jal neti. caution for jal neti that you can do nadi shodana or kapal bhati to clear all the water inside!! use salt according to your taste in the water so that salt concentration is balanced with your body to make sure you don't get a spasm inside or stinging! use your mantra in pranayama! om

Sandeep: Neti will help

Rashmi: Have you had your adenoids checked? My daughter had the issue of a blocked nose all the time. After getting the adenoids removed, she is much better. Sometimes an external intervention and then practice of yoga might help.

Shammi: Jal neti for sure as many have suggested (with lukewarm salt water), Sutra neti, kapalbhati, bhastrika, Swashan Shudhi Marg, Singh Mudra, Jivha Mudra..... regular practice of these kriyas and pranayama are sure to show some good result

Lakshmi: kapalabhathi is d best remedy for sinus problms..

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