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I have been enjoying the beginners course on youtube and have recently re-located to a new home, unfortunately i am unable to find the space to lay my mat!
Can I use my bed to continue or will it have a detrimental effect on the postures?
Am I able to make an adjustment to the positions ?
Any comments would be greatly received.
Thankyou Marc

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Namaste Marc,
is it possible to lean your bed on the wall for the practice?
Om Shanti, Sarah

Namaste sarah
Thankyou for your reply
Unfortunately the bed takes up all the room available and the house is somewhat cramped,I,m thinking a moveable solid board on top might be the idea.That will be the a solid platform I hope.
In the meantime i will be continuing to practice my breathing and some standing exercises untill I can continue properly.
Om shanti, Marc


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