Few words of Swami Tapovanam

Pranayama, practised without a spirit of dispassion, is just like
the control of breath practised by fishermen while diving into the
sea to catch fish.

It is impossible to exhause desires through enjoyment. So the only
way to overcome them is through right thinking.

To appear fresh every second is the true nature of beauty.

He is a Mahatma who keeps the tongue, word and the mind perfectly
under control and patiently withstands all provocations.

Who can escape scalding if he touches fire? Similarly, if one
meddles with sensuous pleasures, how can he escape pollution?

If by studying the scriptures one can become a sannyasin, by
counting the King's money one must become a millionaire.

Tapas means turning pain into pleasure.

Swami Tapovanam

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  • Hi,

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    Reduced wear and tear of internal organs.
    Lowering of blood pressure, relaxation of body tensions and quieter nerves.
    Improves blood circulation.

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