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1. Can i do it without a guru? ( I am not able to find a right guru for me )

2. Without retain the breath, while doing pranayam, do i need to keep any ratio for inhale or exhale?
(I watched a video of Balakumaran, a tamil poet who said the basic pranayama without retaining breath should be done with 1:2)

3. While holding breath, should i inhale in left nostril and exhale in right nostril always?
(Thirumoolar in his book has written that the inhale should be always in the left nostrils)

** If you are from Pondicherry, Can you please help me by suggesting a guru?
** sri swami sivananda kundalini yoga - Do we have any translated version of this book? I need it in tamil


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Pranayama is a simple technique you don't need any guru for doing pranayama. It is a breathing exercise which helps in improving the function of the lungs and also increase the good flow to fresh oxygen in the entire body.

Sorry Mahesh i am not from Pondicherry.

Yes, but need to be more careful. Check out more about pranayama here.


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