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What is best pranayama for elongating the breath and getting rid of jerkiness in body from prana blockages?

The jerks do not necessarily correlate to heart rate or in-breath/out-breath. They do however correlate to thoughts of jerking and anxiety that I will jerk because I thought of jerking

I am beginning to lose weight and get into shape but I also intend to exercise breathing by itself. Just wanted to know what has worked for the forum out there in terms of being able to breath deeper, quieter, less jerky, and limited pauses. I would like to be able to have a natural breathing experience of at least 3 breath per minute without forcing myself or having to count to insure that I do not breath short of my goal. This is very difficult to do and requires a lot of training, but what training would you suggest is most effective?

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Yoga exercises helps in increased our strength, Yoga also helps clear the mind and destress using meditation. The benefits of yoga are numerous.
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