A student had this question:

what is the right way or asana to do when the hamstrings are paining a lot
in the forward bending? i overstretched mine right thigh. can u plz advice?

Our facebook friends answered - do you perhaps have any further ideas?

Yasmine: Rest is must for first 72 hours,with use of ice packs on area to relax swollen hamstring.Noways you can do any asana.

After 2-3 days,you can do sethu badhasana with support of cushions,keep applying ice during these next few weeks,as hamstri...ngs take time to be repaired
Partial locust or shalbhasana can de done,lightly giving a pull to the hamstrings

Mei: this moment of rest carries a lesson in itself, at this time when we suffer injury, our body is telling us to slow down our practice and not to over-exert or be over-ambitious in practice. We should be grateful for our injuries as well as our accomplishments.

Praveena: pain is restriction of prana in that area.If you have pain in one leg only, then you can exercise the other leg and this will help disperse the prana and will bring relief to the injured leg.

Umesh: I agree with Praveena. Please remember , keep your body moving. This will help the blood circulation. 
To answer your question, You may do the forward bending asanas only to the extent when the pain is tolerable. Slight pain is o.k Graduall...y with slow practice asanas, by following the the principle of asanas, the pain in the hamstring muscles will also reduce.

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  • Yoga retreat is very much beneficial. No doubt there are such postures which cause pain in the body. We can get rid off this problem by doing such postures which can help me a lot. Don't do such postures which can cause pain. Vrikshasana is such a posture which second name is Tree posture. This is a balance posture.Poor balance is the result of restless mind. So
    do it regularly for you benefit.
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