An youngster was a little frustrated. Being a bank employee he told me "I didn't get the promotion which I richly deserved. Infact, a friend of mine who was lobbying and whose performance was nonwhere as compared to that of mine was able to get promotion. How can I digest this disappointment?" As far I am concerned the answer is simple. You have to accept the fact that you have not been promoted. One should not brood in negativity as it will be futile. Don't bother about your friend's promotion. It happens sometimes. Spiritually speaking promotion is only a thought. Is sky going to fall if you have not promoted. After all you did not get it. That's all the matter. Further let not the results of action be your aim. Non promotion is not a defeat or an end by itself. Promotion is not a success. One should not feel insecure about it. In fact one should go beyond the maze of delusion called promotion. One should be a true Karma Yogi, performing actions and leaving the results to HIM.

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