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but how to meditate ? Some says "remain silent and observe breathe" while other says chant "OM". what to do ?"
This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice to add?

Ira: do whatever...with u r comfortable...

Shirley: silent wisdom.

Mark: Chanting is a good method to keep your mind focused. But dont forget the point of medition is to still your mind. Dont hide your thoughts. Let them come, let them go. Over time you will be able control them.

Pradeep: but I have been told by most of the people that "close your eyes and observe breathe" only

Divya: Yes, the former method is correct. Remain silent and observe you breathe.

Victoria: There are a lot of ways for meditation, even dinamic meditation, it´s not only remain in silence; that´s only one way to our insight. Looking to something and then repeat the image in your mind is an example of many. Namastê.

Mine: Remain in silence and breath...

Kapil: Listen to urself, try to find ur inner-being. remove thoughts which come to mind during meditation. stay calm & steady. if u are loosing concentration after chanting mantra then dont chant it, stay silent, mantra is for concentration. be urself. u will get self realization soon. om shanti !!!

Malini: Breath observation always works they say, popular belief, but it totally depends on the individual, something may work for me and not work for you, so, one has to find their own thing.. Music always works for me, just a single 'sa' alaap by either me or a cd could take me into deep meditation.. for me singing is deep meditation, and i should do it more often, i just realised :D try it if u want to, put on an OM cd if u want to or just the divine - flute..See More

Pradeep: thanks all for valuable advice

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Before starting your meditation session, you will need a nice quiet space. Make sure that it is somewhere that you feel completely comfortable and relaxed in. It should be somewhere that is free from distractions and loud noises. Contrary to popular belief, you are going to want to have a bright room with light, not darkness.

Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are new to all of this and have no clue on where to begin. There are a number of free meditation techniques that will help you focus and gradually work your way to longer and more successful meditation techniques. To start off, there are two very important free meditation techniques that will really assist with stress and tension relief. These two free meditation techniques will also help open the doors to bigger and greater meditation techniques, allowing you to master your breathing and maintain focus.


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