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  • I think it would be risky to say that yoga prevents cancer, however there are certain things that are known about cancer that it seems yoga, and especially the yogic diet, might help with. I'm not a doctor and I don't advocate yoga as a means to prevent cancer, only saying there MIGHT be some mitigating factors.

    For example they say that cancer has a harder time growing in a highly oxygenated environment. So lots of pranayama and doing asanas to remove restrictions and increase blood flow would seem like it might help.

    Removing fats and animal products from the diet, following the yogic diet, would seem to be a good thing.

    Positive thinking has been shown to help with overcoming cancer, and that people who have victim mentalities may be more prone to cancers. Yoga helps a lot with positive thinking and right thinking.

    So that's only what I know off the top of my head. You may be able to find the results of some scientific studies on the internet that would explain it better, and from people who know more about it than me. Cancer is an extremely complex disease and it is not known everything that goes into forming it, and it can take years for cancers to form. While yoga seems like it can help it is not the only factor.

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