Question about diabetic bed sores

desperately need an ans....What can one do about bed sores that is stinking and is refusing to heal as the patient is diabetic.
One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other advice besides the following?

Yara: well my opinion is first clean the wound with antiseptic , u can apply circular massage around the wound , u can use honey on the wound and u can go to a physical therapist to apply laser therapy

Marda: i dnt but its serious, can cause septicemea. U should get medical opinion.

Angele: Absolutely medical opinion required!

Mita: even try heals fast n the patients doesnt ahve to do anything..simple easy to heal...

Praveena: With all medicines for last one week,Its not healing.The worst part is she got it from the countries most premium hospital,during her 5 day hospital stay for knee surgery.
Mita i like your advise,i will take my friends help.

Lucy: a homeopath can sort this out very easily. we have had many cases here where even limbs were needing amputating but were saved by biochemic salts from a homeopath...

Petrina: zinc. The body need zinc to heal. take a supplement (as directed, NOT over do it) and if you have a cream with some zinc in it you can apply to the wound. VitC is also important for immune system. And if you can get the patient a bit of sunlight that helps too.

Ramesh: jamun guthli powder for diabetes.apply ripanta jjdechane make
avoid day sleep -work hard to digest sugar
simple diet-kumbhakasana will help -suryanamaskar

Suresh: water-bed to be used. ujjayi breathing with awareness of the affected area may help along with medical/homeopathic prescriptions.

Julia: Spray affected area with Eliminator. Leave it to dry.

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