One of our facebook friends asked this question and received the following replies - do you have any other advice besides the following?
is it a must to be a vegetarian, should one able to flex the body better?
Shoumava: yes to some extent as vegeterianism ensures less fat and body becomes flexible

Titik: i think so...

Ananya: dont agree... muscle flexibility depends on training...nothing to do with food...

Shanty: Have a body better u can manage ur food between meal and vegetable in right position

Shoumava: ‎@ananya correct but meat has a lot of fat and oils it automatically makes our body heavy so vegetarian food helps to keep us slim and flexible natuarally as they have less fat except in milk

Sita: Meat has a ton of toxins which make the body less flexible.

Shoumava: true yoga vidya i became pure veggie for 3 yrs and i experienced it and the moment i started eating non veg i have expanded badly

Shanty: That good information thank's all..

Angele: It is an individual thing we are all different some people need to eat to eat meat for the extra protein!

Sita: Most meat eaters are getting way too much protein.

Ananya: i still believe its the quantity of meat and other food consumed that is responsible..i am an Indian but i do think the pro-vegetarianism is a bit overhyped...both ypoga and ayurveda believe every body has different needs... coupled with li...festyle climate and other environmental variables.
Sattvik foods is a type amongst 3... and as we know all types of food are required in variable doses according to each individual's needs. So this constant insistence of only Sattvik food may also cause an imbalance

Shoumava: ya thats right but as India is a warm country we have to follow vegeterianism as ppl become lazy and hence increase in size but in cold counties ppl are atheletic the food suits their day to day needs..vegeterianism suits us
but again it varies for Yoga vegetarianism is good but for body building non veg food rich in protein is essential

Suresh: According the FIVE points of yoga, A yoga practitinor should follow the proper diet ( vegetarian only ), More we practice, more we become flexible but some of us has got natural flexibility doesn't matter non veg or strickt vegetarian and someone has not even by daily practicing. OM

‎Solveig: ...what oes come in your mouth is important o course as it nurishs the physical existence....but what comes out of your mouth might be important as well as your build not only yours but "a reality"....
the meatquestion is not answered in ge...neral but i do believe men do not need any meat in "usual cases and situations" so it is the individual choice and not my choice judging for them.

Lucy: You are what you eat or in Hindi jaise ann vaise man! Human intestines are of the same design as non-flesh eating animals. It is pointed out in many ancient texts that vegetarian diet is essential to yoga practice because yoga is not just a...bout physical exercises for your physical body. Pranayama is also essential for flexibility since flexibility in the body is a reflection of your mental flexibility and prana and mind are like twins in so far as if you control the breath you can control your mind. Your food also includes what you see, hear , think and say so if any of these are flexible and soft so will be your

Annapoorna: Agree with H Lucy :)

Srinivasan: ya, i agree to most of the points.. its all about balanced diet.. ( still being veg is the best - but what plants we eat does matters). and as for prana, i felt a huge difference on taking different diets. we can have a deeper exhalation than you imagine..

Natasha: well logically most meat eaters eat veg eaters . like goats sheep cows etc are all herbies . so indirectly you are eating vegetables only even if you eat meat .
best to get it stratight . The largest animal elephat is a veggie .

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  • I think that many people don't consider true the flexibility you can gain without meat, simply because they CAN'T STAY WITHOUT it....It would be easier to admit this than find excuses honest with yourself first, peace :)
    • I agree with you. We are what we eat.Veg food plays an important part in the process of gaining control over mind which is the final goal of practicing Yoga.If one can control the mind he can control the body and can become more flexible
  • Vegetarian / vegan way of life is Guilt Free life. All those who eat meat etc must visit a butchery / poultry or the meat packing industry once.

    Also man is not made to eat meat -
    Envirnmentally too meat etc are the greater cause of globalw arming in many way.
    Laastly - those who are non vegetarian - cannot usually concentrate adequately to practice yoga and meditation.

    I know there will be a spate of counter arguements to my view. But the truth will remain.
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