I have started to do Pranayama: Kapaalbhati and Anuloma Viloma.... Some one suggested me start with 5 mins each... But I couldn't do it for more than 2-3 minutes each... Is it healthy to start with 2-3 mins and then gradually increase to 15 mins as suggested by some one a satellite channel broadcast yoga show...

this question was asked on facebook - do you have any other ideas besides the following?
Sita: Yes that's exactly the right thing to do. With pranayama you should never feel any strain of any kind. Do 2-3 minutes, and then when that becomes easy and you feel like you can go on and on, then add more time. How long are you doing retention for? This can also be shortened in the beginning. The end time of 15 minutes is not a hard and fast rule.

Harte: For example in case of Anuloma Viloma if I inhale in 2-3 seconds, the retention is 1-2 seconds...

In case of kapalbhati I inhale in 2 seconds and then forcefully exhale in 1 seconds..

Is that correct?

Sita: Anuloma viloma should be in the ratio of 1:4:2. meaning if you inhale for 4 seconds, you retain for 16 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. You can move this ratio longer or shorter but it should be this ratio.

It can be difficult. If you are having trouble try very short like 2:8:4 and only a few rounds.

Harte: Means this is the perfect ratio..That means long depends upon retention..
But in practical scenario its hard to have calculation of time, that too in seconds its all depends upon intitution and spontaneity...Isn't it?

Harte: does anuloma viloma purifies blood impurities as well?

Sita: Just count mentally. It doesn't have to match the clock, only the ratio.

I never heard anybody say in words it purifies specifically blood impurities, but since it purifies nadis, and nadis are everywhere, then I guess it purifies them too.

Harte: Initially there were lot of pimples, I practiced Pranayama for 15 days.
They all vanished, but due to lack of discipline, I stop doing pranayam and pimples returned..I guess Pranayama has the capacity to purify Blood as well..

SwamiSaradananda: OM - dear Harte - Kapalabhati is an excellent say to purify your blood and skin. Yes, start with 2-3 minutes and gradually increase it. I'm sure you will achieve great success!! If you keep up the practice, you will probably find that your skin is starting to clear up in a few weeks. But don't stop the practice, keep it up.

Harte: Ok I will be firm in determination and resolute in action..Om...

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