Questions about lotus position

When in the lotus position, must your knees touch the ground and are you 
allowed to lean your body forward (while keeping your spine straight)? 

This question was answered by a few of our facebook fans - do you have any other suggestions?

Anne: The most important thing is that your spine is straight and upright and your body is relaxed. If your hips aren't loose/flexible enough for the knees to be touching the ground, stuff pillows under your knees for them to rest on. What's important in meditation is that you are comfortable and relaxed. It's not even necessary to sit in lotus. Sit in a chair. Sit with your legs extended out with your back against the wall. Just as long as your head, neck and spine are straight and upright...and the body is relaxed. If you're not comfortable and relaxed, you'll be thinking about the pain in your knee (or whereever) instead of falling deeply into the meditation. Remember..."asana" literally translated, means "comfortable seat"....If you're not comfortable, find out why, and adjust.See More

Saraswati: Asanas should be done effortlessly...knees on the floor or off the floor, just keep in mind as painless as possible for the knees. Lotus position comes from the hips. If your hips will not cooperate practice other passive hip opening stretches until they loosen up.

Praveena: sthiram sukham asanam.neverthless when your knees touch the ground the base becomes steady and one can sit in this position for hours without pain for meditation.keeping the spine erect is important .when in right position padmasan is best to stay in moolbandh naturally.

Shammi: There is no compulsion to touch the ground. You should go as per your hip flexion as that plays an important role. You definitely have to keep the spine straight without allowing the body to lean forward. Padmasana provides a good traingula...r base. As a result, you can sit for a long time. Another thing you can do is to put your hand and pull the hips out. This will further give a good base.

Pi: Thanks for the info. I'll keep it in mind...

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