Questions about Shoulderstand

Whats the maximum and minimum time for Shoulderstand. I have started practicing it with Videos aid. One of our facebook friends asked this question and received several responses - do you have anything to add?

Sita Chaitanya: I think this may be the wrong way to think about it. It should be based on your level of ability and how you feel most of all. In general, you need to hold any posture for a couple minutes to get any real benefits from it, the longer you ho...ld it the better. With that said, there should never be any bad pain or hurting in any asana. It's different for each person.

Start out holding it for a short time, maybe 30 seconds if you can. Slowly build up to more as you get better and feel good. Never rush the process. Yoga is a lifetime endeavor and the benefits gained in one lifetime pass on to the next, so there is no rush and no need to risk injury. 

Harte: Is it real that hard work which we sow will be mobilized to next life.
Does Atman(soul) remembers these activities in next life span and carry its journey not from the scratch but from that point where it left its Yogic practice in this life... span?
I got your point, slow and gradual and steady, but with immense perseverance and will power should one Practice Yoga...
I can also practice Chakrasana but can't do it for more than 5 seconds?

Keerthana: instead of HOW LONG you stay in the position, mind HOW MANY DEEP BREATHS you do. normally 6 deep breathings is recommended to well stabled people. so 3 breathings is fine for beginners and to these tough asanas.

Sita Chaitanya: Harte - In the next life you start yoga from where you left off in this life so no effort is ever wasted.
I don't know how long you can do chakrasana for. It depends on your flexibility and strength.
@Keerthana - yes counting breaths is another way to do it. Thanks for mentioning. 

Keerthana: even if you do for 5 seconds, you should breath properly and count how many breaths you take. it should be SLOW and steady. and deep. on the first day breath just 1 or two. next week increase the numbers. in a months, you will be able to do it for 6 deep breathings easily. simple pranayamas can be practiced without in person guidances. do not do thngs like shoulder stand. which is risky and jam your body if done wrongly.

Robert: I like Halasana, is one strong asana for Ajna Chakra.
Just do it ;)

Natasha: In any yoga practice the maximum benifits are achieved in the final practice position which is to be retained . that is not only for asanas but for many other practices . One has to note that the yoga asanas are only a stepping stone to bui...ld your body mentally and physically for the more stringent practices of enlightenment . bandhas kriyas mudras etc etc are all stepping stones and pathways for the goal to the final path .
Taking that logic forward : and considering the asana as a goal ,the asana also has a few stepping stones for perfection . The method and sequence of steps for getting to a final posture of an asana(as all steps on the path ) and is important but the maximum benifits are always achieved at the final posture .
So one has to retain that posture as much time as you finally can very comfortably and do it right . Stress should be mostly on retainment of that posture for max time and not on repetition of the posture since repetition takes time to get into the posture and your max benifit is at the ultimate posture .
so instead of doing four repetitions of an asana for 3 mins each do just two repetions for five mins each you will save the two minutes and also benifit more in the later stages . 
Always be comfortable at all time . If you experience discomfort then do not continue , you should gradually build up the strenghth to maintain the posture for longer periods .It doesnt come in a day and requires efforts consistently .

Shammi: If you feel that you are doing the posture correctly, comfortably and with even breathing, then initially go with your level of comfort and then try to hold at least for 5 minutes. Once you are stable, holding minimum for 5 minutes is highly recommended.

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