Receiving Chaitanya (holiness) State in Life is Meditation Every task of either material life or spiritual life has a specific rule and they are must to every one who wants to get succeed on them. So, meditation also comes under this process and has a very significant guideline as YAMA NIYAMA in Yogasutra of Maharshi Patanjali. Meditation is yoga and that can be achieved through Sadhana only and the techniques and types could be different but if a practitioner does not get changes in his life then it is a thinkable matter. Meditation comes in sixth stage and without following the yama niyama it will be a foolish talk I do not mean at all that one should not go for it but he must goes on gradually into meditation while practicing yama niyma and other rules with a very attentive way and it should be under guidance of real guru other wise chances of disappointment and its wrong effects may occur during practicing as a very recent case is seen on a TV news that a person is found dead while doing corpse position (Savasana) So, those who are very serious about spiritual life and want to achieve true knowledge the then they must consult a real Sadguru rather to follow on showoff. Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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