Enlightenment is the natural condition of life after you strip the unnatural heavy and dark conditions away.

"Enlightenment," much like "love" and "responsibility," is a much misunderstood word. So, I want you to be clear about it before we go any further. Many seem to think that enlightenment is a feeling and it is not. Some think enlightenment is understanding, and that’s not be even close. There is nothing emotional or intellectual about enlightenment. You can’t get it from your mother and you can’t get it at school. It has something to do with love, but not as you probably understand that word.

There is a realm of experience that cannot be described in words. Any attempt necessarily falls short of the experience. Nevertheless, I am going to describe enlightenment in words since that is the form of communication available. However, we must know that words cannot be the source of enlightenment either. Words can only express the experience the after the experience. They cannot generate the experience. Words do not generate enlightenment. Reading this will not make you enlightened.

Nor is enlightenment generated in the mind. The mind is only good for calculating how to survive. You will never experience enlightenment through your mind. The mind can only use words and "understand" enlightenment. I want you to really get frustrated about enlightenment and "try" to get it. You know what? You can’t! It is just not possible for a person to generate enlightenment by effort.

You can only generate enlightenment by doing nothing. I mean nothing. By "nothing" I don’t mean that you get a lemonade and go swing in a hammock. "Doing nothing" is possible while doing hard labor. In fact, it is easier to do nothing while doing hard labor. What I mean by "doing nothing" is to suspend your "stuff;" that is, your judgments, opinions, positions, beliefs, even your faith. Going through your stuff is doing something, not going through your stuff is doing nothing. Then do what you do in life because you are doing it, not because you believe in it, have a high opinion of it, or have faith in it. Doing what you do out of belief, opinion, or faith takes you out of the picture and makes your stuff the source of what you do. You land in a condition called no responsibility, no enlightenment.

What you do in life is not "heavy" until you add stuff to it. What you do in life is certainly not important from the standpoint of ultimate truth. Not important. If you think it is important, you are not the cause of it, your stuff is. Be light about your life. Live it moment to moment and in such a way that we could either ignore it or print it in tomorrow’s newspaper, and it wouldn’t matter.

You don’t need to be proud or ashamed of your life. It just is. Nor do you need to be in control. If you are in pride, shame, or control, you are not the master of your life; pride, shame, or control is master. You can’t be right, make others wrong, be proud and controlling and consider your condition important, and be enlightened.

Naturally, most of the description of enlightenment is a telling of what it is not. Enlightenment is the natural condition of life that has no name after all the unnatural conditions that have names stripped away. I am now going to describe the condition of enlightenment for what it is rather than what it isn’t. As I do, I want you to know that you conceivably could be in any or all of these circumstances and still be endarkened.

First of all, you will not experience needs beyond those that you naturally need: air, food, and love. You will know that your mind condition, whatever it is, is perfect even when you have judgments to the contrary. You will not depend on others to pronounce your life worthy. You will not depend on others to pronounce your life worthy. Criticism will be of no concern to you. You will not be criticizing others

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