Sacred Symbols!


I have been thinking of wearing a sacred symbol OM as jewelery or body art tattoo, some people suggest me that this is show off/ public show etc.,

My intention is pure love for the symbol and get the power of the symbol in  my mind and body, this way i can look at the symbol as frequently as possible and think of the symbol, and public may also look at my symbol and get benefited by the visuals.

More light on this will  be appreciated.

Love and Light,


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  • I think you can use any of them. Certain numbers of faces and sizes are more expensive.
  • Dear Satheesh,
    Holy Ash(Thiru neeru) & Ruthraksham are considered as Holy Symbols of Hindus.If u r willing to wear a Symbol of "OM" in u r body, do it without any hesitation & don't bother about others opinions.
    • I appreciate your clarification, this brings me to another question, Ruthraksham wearing this has some rituals and it has multiple faces which one a civilian can use?

      Just for validation is my name means Satheesh (sakti and eeshwran)?

      Love and Peace
  • I don't think there is a problem with wearing sacred symbols. No matter what you do somebody won't like it so you should follow what is sincerely in your heart. Just my opinion... om
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