Sadgurudev does for his Disciples

To enable to accomplish the absolute for spiritual knowledge, power and kriya the initial duty of a Sadgurudev for his disciples are to fulfill the required necessities of material life so that they can move forward and perform the sadhana liberally.

Therefore, a Sadgurudev advice and bestow such knowledge and sadhana to his disciples through that they could be able to realize about self and proceed further for spiritual enlightment functions in depth and live the life happily and completely.

That is why it is said about a Sadgurudev erases the unfortunate, sins, problems, diseases etc of his disciples through many different ways like different mantra Dickchha, Aasirbachan, Saktipat etc-etc and etc, and keeps on think that how soon his disciples could attain the Gurutatwa. His only aim is to make them alike him and know the Parabrhama whom we are a part. He is the one who act more often as a Guru to give knowledge for fulfill the need and understand the chief aim of life, supports as Parent, advice as friend in trouble and so on. If one is in such state then he definitely receives such moment.

Thus, a Sadgurudev knows the need of his disciple and give accordingly without asking. If one asks to go for a meditation sadhana to solve his material problems coming cause of various reasons then even providing knowledge of meditation he cannot perform it in well manner so how can he solve his problem through meditation.

Suppose one is having much problem to feed his family for that he is involved in earning money, yet he is not getting out of problem. So meditation neither can help him to solve his problem nor even can he realize himself spiritually in a correct way the then a kind of unhappiness and disappointment will affect much on his mind, which may cause of unseen problems again. Here the first job is to solve his problem not to advice do meditation. It does not mean that one should not go for meditation but it has to understand what necessary most is.

Therefore, here first duty of a Sadgurudev is to help him by providing such mantra sadhana so that he could be able to erase the concern problem and enjoy the live happily and gradually he tends to enter into the field of spiritual life too because Sadgurudev knows everything but we do not know him correctly. It is therefore very necessary to have blessed of Sadgurudev for that one has to pray and chant provided GURUMANTRA.

Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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