Self Learning & Self Management If we are to manage our self and our life successfully, it will help us to go back to school. Not the school of our childhood and not to learn physics and mathematics, but to learn about our inner selves - the one subject that was missing in all our educations. Are you ready to go back to school? Are you humble enough to put on the hat of the student and be a learner again? Are you interested enough to learn about the mechanisms of your own consciousness, which create the outcomes or results of your life? If you are interested and you do value continuous learning you will find that real learning has nothing to do with having to remember things (which we did in school), in fact, it is more like the opposite. The real lessons of life do not need to be remembered because they cannot be forgotten. That's what makes real learning a joyful, awakening and a spiritually empowering experience. When you do put on your learning hat again you will see that your life is your school, every scene is a workshop, your teachers are all around you, and every interaction carries a potential lesson to be looked at closely and learned. There are probably a million things you could know about yourself that would be useful, but not all would be immediately necessary. But there are a few basic things about the "self" that are immediately useful, and probably essential, to your well- being right now. These few basic things are what we are trying to share with you through the spiritual messages on a regular basis.

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