Can you suggest some good and simple asanas that wouldn’t make any harm for beginner students if i will teach yoga for the first time?
This was asked by one of our facebook friends - do you have any more suggestions?

Natasha: In yoga its very important : you have to select poses first by you current conditions : first your health , next lifestyle , third amount of time you can spend , fourth how many times can you repeat the pose and fifth and most important you...r age . as you grow older your metabolism and also body cannot bend .so if you havent done yoga in a while you may find it painful to do some poses .. an deven have injuries .

.. you do need certain basic poses for yoga asanas . FIRST IS MASTERY IN PADMASANA , start this with sukhasana and graduate there . next mastery in halasana and chakrasana .These bends are very important .If you do come to master them you could easily find the rest of the asanas very easy to do .

One most important thing is that the repetitionss are not as important as the maintainance of a asana postion as comfortably as possible : one should not stay in a pose until one starts feeling uncomfortable . Do not overstay in a pose .and there is no neesd to do several repetitions like situps or pushups of a pose .Just one or two repetitions is sufficient .Just make sure you are very comfortable doing them and doing them right ..

NOTE : most westerners practice what is known as the IYENGER SCHOOL of YOGA (BKS iyenger) Pune based . He gives more stress on procedure and placement of hands feet etc .

you can start there , but just select you asanas according to your aptitude . and build towards those three i mentioned above ..

Angele: Are you actually qualified to teach yoga?

Swami Saradananda: OM
Dear Katerine

I suggest you take a teachers training course - rather than trying to learn to teach on Facebook.

Kavita: Trikon asana, tada asana, vajara asana and of course surya namaskar are few simple and no risk involved postures.

Sarala: MY SUGGESTION.Unless you r perfect and qyualified in yoga, it is not advisable to teach take it positively.

Safeer: @sarala, no one is perfected in Yoga its a lifetime commitment, and yes regardging teaching you can tell simple asnas

Sita: Katerine, if you have been practicing for a few years I suggest you teach the postures that you are familiar with through your practice and so you know how it feels and how to describe it. I know other people who started this way, by teaching or assisting before attending an actual teacher's training course. If you want to stick with it I would recommend taking a teacher's training course. Also I disagree that you need to do padmasana.

Natasha: Angele Plimley Are you actually qualified to teach yoga?

-- the word qualified is misleading. We have yoga practices .The more you practice properly the more refined you become .
its not a science or exercise but a spiritual practice.


Teaching yoga asanaas if one is not a regular practitioner personally is not a good idea or learning from a non practitioner is also not a good idea .

Sita: It's a good topic, who's qualified and who isn't. Who can judge? I know people who have completed several different rigorous teacher training courses and they never practice. I also know people who have completed a modest number of training...s and practice daily. Who's better? The certificate isn't the only thing that qualifies you, but I recommend it at some point because you learn many things about how to be a good teacher that supplements personal practice. I believe there are qualified students who can teach some before being certified. Also who's to say what is proper certification? I know some teachers who got certified in a weekend to teach yoga. On paper they are "real" teachers.

The best teacher is one who has a strong personal practice and can transmit the teachings to their students.

Sonia: Shavasana

Audrey: Sita, I FOUND YOGA @ THE LIBRARY !OOOOOO00000 000 MANY MOONS AGO-& just STUDIED THE ASANAS, & anatomy then took classes AFTER READING- s0 many books & styles of yoga -found my beloved MR. B.K.S. IYENGAR, STYLE OF YOGA- TRANSFORMED MY LIFE-----maybe----take several beginers classes, yourself, & observe how & what is taught, !-----namaste

Mani: yoga means service to god, asana means position... so watever exercise call asanas... dont combine with yoga... plz understand 1st wat of meaning... then u do it...
how we want to services to god... from brain to brain tatz call meditation, mdation is yoga.. have 121 types of meditation, pick one of types meditation and do it... how we want do it.. u must have grandmaster to guided u in medation.. medation with technique tatz very goods.. then u knw wat of medation..

Krittika: hey hi well i can suggest u Ardha halasana, utthan padasana ,setu bandhasana, naukasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana these are some of the asanas which can be done in the beginners stage... good luck..

Sudheesh: Definition for Yoga Asana in Sanskrit is
"Sthiram sukam Asanam" , meaning that position which is steady and very comfortable ..
We can do any postures by any one as long as we follow this definition of Yoga.
There is no beginners or intermed......iate if follow this theory of Yoga..
The sage Patanjali observes in Yoga sutra 11.47 " perfection in an asana is achieved when the effort to perform it becomes effortless, and infinite being within is reached,"
To effect Yoga Asana practice we have to follow the 5 points of Yoga which is
Proper exercise
Proper breathing
Proper relaxation
Proper diet
Positive thinking
Then only we can enjoy the real benefit of Yoga exercise.
The Sanskrit term Asana is sometimes translated as 'pose' and sometimes as posture . Neither translation is wholly accurate , as they don't convey the element of thought or consciousness that must inform each movement of the Asana.
The final pose of an Asana is achieved when all parts of the body are positioned correctly with full awareness and intelligence
OM ॐ ♥

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