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Hi every one

I am practicing Yoga and pranamaya since last 1 year , My abd are getting in to good shape ( not exact 6 pack - its in formationm statge ) , but the thing is that my pec muscles and obliques and abds are not exactly same on both the sides , my left portion is more stronger and in good shape whereas right side is not that much strong and not in correct shape .
How can i correct this and getting six pack abs with yoga asanas.



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Yes yoga will help you in getting the six pack abs naturally. The 15 minutes of daily yoga practice will help you in reducing the belly fat and helps you in making a six pack abs. Taking the Yoga Teacher Training in India is the best program in which you will learn the deep aspects of yoga.

1. Plank
2. Side Plank
3. Triangle Pose
4. Downward Facing Dog


Along with yoga postures, do some cardio workouts, skipping, sit ups, planks and pull ups. This will also help you. I too do home workouts and yoga together. It really helps..!!


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