Recently I had gone through one Yoga Book written by a famous Yoga therapist & renowned Yoga Teacher from south India.In this book the Author insisted on the use of Human urine as a remedy for various ailments from minor allergic reactions to life threatening diseases like cancer, adding It's widely used in India & in western countries,Medicinal values are utilized in Ayurvedic system of medicine.I request a more detailed account on this from our Ayurvedic specialists.

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  • Dear Sakthidasan jee,

    The self urine therapy is a very useful and effective comes under natural medicine and that has bee said by our lord Shiva to his Shakti Maa Parvati and unveil its application and importance and even the Rishi/Maharshi and sages were using their own urine as a medicine to cure the diseases and that is still in practice today in the world.

    But the Chief Question is who is eligible and to whom it can be suggested. In ancient era they (our Rishi/Maharshi) were very much concerned and dependent on natural foods and that were very hygiene and free from its side effects, similarly cows were also used to had their food by grazing very natural plant (herbs and grass) no pesticides were used at that time and hence cow’s urine was also been used as natural medicine and that was very effective for curing diseases.

    Since the base of urine is our foods we intake and how pure and hygienic they are is a thinkable matter as we every day come to know about contaminated foods and inedible stuffs are being mixed up in the raw foods. Besides, hormone injection, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are being used to grow food grains, vegetables and fruits so in this case how we think for self urine therapy.

    Secondly, most of the people take alcohol and other food stuff and even we use antibiotic medicine very frequently as per or without medical doctors advice. So we can think how effective our urine will be for curing the diseases. It is a remarkable point.

    The same could be applied on Mud Therapy and Cow’s urine therapy too. If we can purify them then I think will work in a better way.

    Rather to be affected by diseases would better to be alert in our daily life style and hence this quote is perfect “Prevention is better than cure”

    So, we should not go blindly for leaving behind regrets only.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda
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