• we all need to think? we all need to breath we all need to live our lives spare a thought for the people around you who need to find peace within. YOGA is finding the PEACE in all we SAY DO and YOGA is amazing it teaches us HOW to

  • dear kiryananda
    being at peace is feeling oneness with god in our inner self no matter what is going on around us or how we see our lives . that is being at peace with oursevles and the lord. all the small things dont count or even come in to it. the sense we do have some control over we can think about how we do say speak and are presevied to others in our lives. unimately the inner self is who we are. we have tounderstand that and work with it. so to awsner the question of peace and inner peace. by loving god uncondinally in our inner self we are being at peace with our lives and all that is us in us and in the and om claire

  • to gain peace in our lives we have to look wthin and feel happy inside to feel happy inside is to love and be contented with ourseleves wether its with GOD a parnter your freind and cat and prana a sport painting whatever makes you feel happy inside with love and contentment will make you feel at peace with youself truly p.s there is more to come love claire om

    • Some one claims that he/she understands everything yet he/she cries for small things. So unless the one has completely become success to control the Mann cannot be in peace neither can talk about peace. Off course someone can speak but his attitudes reveal everything.

      Thus one should try to control on desire, his senses etc and that can be done by a true sadhana which will then help to have the inner peace which we all are looking for.

      Kiryananda Maharshi Dayananda

    • BE peaceful,relax and be with your innerspirit Be now and BE content wih what you got what you say and what you do. that is being at peace. om
      the reason people find it hard to find peace is because they are always searching for more things instead of being contented . lifes about inner happiness and being content though love devotion or faith. this is peace being happy with in right there in that moment of time. eventary you will be at peace in all you say and do.. this is the underlying reason of yoga being at peace in our hearts minds and and love claire

  • thank you kriyananda brahman is an entrenal circle parabrama are many circle of live and life forces though the world. the cirle of rebirth can only last so long . until your in your final life . so see the world as brahman and all that is brahman and the universe it will bring you and the world peace .om and love claire

    • Please be noted that the world peace will only be received when an individual is in peace himself then only he can tell others about peace he gained and through that they can also reach to the peace. That is why I would like to say here to you and all the viewers please get yourself that power of knowledge first, be enlightened first yourself the then you give a try to do the same for your family then society and then the world. I do appreciate that you think for world peace and love etc.

      You tell me, if one is very necessarily needs food to survive but other come to him and say do meditation and be in peace is that helpful to him, Can he be able to do such? I do not mean that one should not do meditation, talk about peace and so on. We should understand that what is the basic and initial requirement to have peace within the then we should give them accordingly. Only talks simply will never give you peace for that one has to give up a lots in his life the then it returns in the same way.

      With LOVE
      Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

  • the main object of yoga is Life death circle and getting to GOD through worship of the divine . its the journey not the being and end its getting to the last life so we can free ourselves and go to god in seven heaven. this is YOGA not just the knowledge of yoga there are 4 path batkhi raja karama and juana . follow thoses and stay on the path all these fancy words and fluffy stuff and brahman parabrama . nature is pratrativi maya the world being an illison it all equates to the same thing.

    just remember this is what its about really so just stick to the basics of life and all will come to you inside and the love claire

    this is really what YOGA is about om peace and love within us and the world.

    • Yeah when you start to draw a circle you ultimately reach to the beginning from where you have started and end the circle by reaching the beginning point means the ultimate objective of a human is to reach the God. Besides the basics of life, needs many things needs to survive which includes all affects of material life and that have to experience by each of us. Those who do not get affected from such are enlightened and gain the main object eventually. YOGA does not say only about get off from life cycle but also teaches us for living a happy life.

      I keep a different wish as want to take rebirth repeatedly in order to serve the people by the knowledge I gained materially spiritually. I would like see what you have gained in your Yoga if we meet any day.

      Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

  • we believe in whatever we beleive wether whatever GOD that is GOD is all .we are all the same and we all Love God the way we love GOD. so repect others beleives and learn form all . this is yoga .om

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