• Claire Jee,


      The main objective of YOGA is to receive the divine knowledge, Kriya and power to live the life successfully and happily. If you do not receive such divine knowledge and power in YOGA then I think you must think that how can you serve the people spiritually. Although may be you are materially able to serve but that would be half part of your life and other half part will only be completed when you are successfully gained the divine knowledge and power. We all do love and respect to our GOD and others but how many of us have received such divine and extraordinary knowledge from the Supreme State.

      Please try do swim deep down so that you can have the real pearl which will definitely change you spiritually and materially both NO DOUBT.

      With LOVE
      and Bless

      Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

  • also you are talking about life or existence after bramham which entail see ing brahamas all but then seeing braham and the universe = PARABRAHMA this a larger concept in yoga i.e world with in a world with in a world concept . if our body are small world and brahman is the self and the world is maya and the univerise is brahman then beyond is brahman or as you call it parabraham and it just continues as brahman forever and never stops etheral brahman. it will always be brahman. .om claire

    • “Namami Brahmanandamwai Nikhilum Bande Jagatgurum
      Ekohi Nikhilaum Kriyataman Shaktigyanaswaroopam
      Sarvakaleshchapapaharanyam Parabrahma Nityam
      Gurutatwacha Gurukripahi Kewalum Gurukripahi Kewalum”

      ... Meaning:

      Sadgurudev Nikhileshworanda is the one who is creating every moment with a new drama and directing all functions, knowledge and power to the universe, once blessing as Gurutatwa is received every sin and difficulties of our life go away for which Gurukripa is only sources to whom I pray and salute.

      -Kriyananda Maharshi DayanandaSee More


  • EGO is EGO is EGO basicly if we realise our EGO. we will find our Lives much easier as we will removed the fact of I instead of we are .in life this is better as it will make everyone less selfish and it will make poeple question how they see themselves to others and how they see others .Maya comes when one looks at themseleves and looks at others as a reflection .i.e the world is a stage and we are all players so play the play. when we see nature and GOD as one we will be able to really free ourselves from EGOtistical Society we Live in today. also to love our Guru Teacher completely who guides us on our spirital path is a very good thing whoever you teacher you will help you focus on what is important in your practice and what is not.and to see GOD in your guru as welI. this willl help you understand you existence and where you fit in to the world.TRY to be focus on the ONEness of GOD in our world and let your GURU guide you on you spritual path to and love claire

  • Those are valueless or having less value which are gained easily or easy available. Yeah it is a state of mind, which makes you feel the situation simple or difficult. I or we are just a kind of ways to express oneself or in a group that is it all about yet the maximum percentages use this word as EGO.

    It is very nice to hear that you follow, obey and love your Sadgurudev. The Sadgurudev is only one yet comes to everyone’s life in different forms and we follow them respectively. A disciple must do respect and obey his Sadgurudev. Besides my own Sadgurudev Paramhansa Swami Nikhileshorananda Jee I do pay respect to Sadgurudev Sivananda and I think there is no wrong in it. Being mindful is very good but I would like to add here that mindful with totally controlled spiritually then there will be no chances of falling down. The physical existence is the MAYA and the inner existence is the PARABRAHMA and both the existences keep importance thus one can realize that this is Maya and other is Brahma if any one of them is lacking then there will be no meaning or regards less.

    With LOVE.

    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

  • p.s Fancy words i.e Following eloquently your path and watching the beauty inside of the aspiring life evolving wondrously form the being and the abyss of the soul .It rises up through enlightment to the supreme knower and the many layers (veils) of ignorance to reach Brahman and self- realisation this is the goal of all rishi. these are my words dressed up fancy doesnt mean there any better then the other ones and it doesnt help people either. its just the EGO really people just want to know you can use them normal words are better and clear too. we all should try to be mindful of speak writing and saying what we say in every day we all need to do this for peace for us and to give others peace . i love my gurus they fill my heart with joy and love and amazement love claire aire pps hope that help we all learn form each other that is the meaning of our life to learn and

  • In life nothing easy the thing you think is most simple is in fact most differcult. peace of mind is a state we are being focusing towards the goal of self-realisation and samardi . we all share the same goal in yoga the inner self and helping other attain this also. there are no I in this statement because its really WE are one. in my practice LOVE DEVOTION CARING UNDERSTANDING those around us and the world we are in regards less wether its maya or not. fancy words and smart comments and spiritual EGOs or the EGO dont make any difference .Its the love for all living things great and small that really brings you home to GOD. where ever your practice is at maybe in your heart in your mind and in your soul and in heaven. om and love claire i love satguru sivananda satguru devenanada and my guru swammij mahadevenananda they are the best and i follow there teaching always because i love them so much

  • Namaste dear Claire and thank you for your advice. Please read and bring the quotes practice in your daily life.

    Hereby, I would also like to thank you for accepting that real inner peace come from the lord and who is within you as soul. However, be understood that one can have peace through only awaken soul. I do hope that you read me correctly.

    The things you are doing can only give you a kind of satisfaction my dear, which is just small, part of true happiness and since you have claimed that you remain happy at all the times which is a very good for you and I indeed wish you to uphold the same for forever and keep going which will help you to get attain the power of nature, the power of the Parabrahma. I am still saying that making temple, helping poor and selfless service to any segment is very good, every one must do it as per one’s capabilities and off course, we all do. Is not it?

    My dear Claire, whichever YOGA one does but the most important matter/objective is to have the state of yoga, knowledge and power of nature so that one can with the help of them live the life completely and happily. I hope such divine power you have received which I would like to see if we meet any day in days to come.

    With LOVE
    Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

    • kriyananda we are all the same we eat breath and are the same . be you NOW love thee inner self always . i do think inner peace comes from within but you must learn inner peace from a teacher god or a guru I.e YOGA shows the way .i think and feel that you have your view on yoga very steadfast mydear and you probably wish you were a little more open minded to all forms of yoga to help with your pratice . my practice on the other hand is good ienjoy it no matter how hard or how much i get upset i still love the monk lifestyle i also love helping others who need help. you can only help those who want to change the change has to come with in us either from the out side or from god. hope this help the road to realisation in not an easy one it full of pain suffering but its joyoius and blissful as well .om

      • You cannot learn peace but can receive that state of mind so that you can always be in peace of mind spiritually and materially. It is not alike to lean ABC….YXZ, and to reach that state you will have nothing to do except devoting yourself truly to your Sadgurudev who is also called The Parabrahma/The God/The Power of Nature/The Soul. When you get absolute within yourself means you as unlighted soul get enlightened with the Parabrahma and then every things go to happen automatically and smoothly and that is real YOGA where love and peace are there already.

        You had better tried to receive a mantra dickchha sansar from a Sadgurudev and would have been done mantra sadhana as per advised. Since, you have accepted self-realization is not an easy task yet is full of bliss when you get succeeded. I hope you will get real peace soon and naturally

        May Sadgurudev Nikhileshworananda Bless you soon and I wish you for the same.

        Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

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