Ujjayi and Bandhas during Asanas

I received another question via Email: "what do you think about using Ujayi breath or bhandas during the daily asanas? because what i would day is that ujayi and bhandas are advanced practices and i would only use them in the right envoriment...." Here is my answer: Ujjayi breath is a more advanced practice that some find helpful during Asanas. Bandhas are also more advanced and should be done only if the practicioner is completely relaxed. Bandhas should not interfere with the abdominal breath. Any additional comments?

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  • After Kapalabhatti is it ok to do bhandas with mild retention? I mean the three bandas, Moola, Udhyan, and Jalandhara. I am doing it up to 20 counts now.Is it ok or should I discontinue?
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