Using yoga to quit smoking

one of my friends wants to quit smoking their any yoga exercises to overcome from this? This question was asked on our facebook page and received several answers - do you have any other advice? SS: OM - do pranayama!! kapalabhati + alternate nostril breathing! Suhaani: thanxx...:) Mei: there is no specific posture for this. maybe increasing pranayama practices to enrich the prana circulation together with regular yoga practice n a change to a healthier lifestyle is the only way. the decision to change has to be fr the inside out and not dependant on an external practice. Vikram: general yoga practice will bring about physical body awareness - this will lead to external 'ahimsa' or non violence to your own body - which will lead to mental awareness of not allowing indulgences which will harm the body and then slowly the habit will disappear - however practice on regular basis is important. from the physical to the mental - from the gross to the subtle. Frederick: I smoked. A month after taking up yoga (daily practice) I no longer wanted to smoke, just quit. Yoga is what made quitting possible for me. No particular poses, it is the practice.

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  • Good advice, do yoga regularly and also do silent mantra japa twice day for 20 minutes sucha s Ra ma, ka li, shi va, hong saw etc. Also the herb vach or calamus makes makes the desire to quit smoking by makinght the body revolt (quesy and headaches) when smoking. Guided visualization on the type of person one wants to be is very good. Imaging abeign happy and seeing in one sinner mind doing things free from smoking. Buy some books on using visualization and self empowerment.
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