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since i had made a vasektomie,i cant meditate any more.

mind -problem or reality.

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Dear Peter, Nameste.
I w'd like to offer My humble opinion on u r query - Vasectomy & Meditation. Well, Vasectomy means surgical resection of the tube called Vas deferrence (see enclosed diagram) that carries sperms into the urethra(passage of urine) in males.If a person undergoes vasectomy, his semen will be free of sperms & this minor surgical procedure doesn't affect the production of sperms from the Testes or the Male Hormon- Testesteron.Hence u r as equal to as u were before Vasectomy in all Physical & Physiological respect,

except the absence of sperms in semen.In My point of view u r problem is purely psychological which should be get rid of from u r mind & u can concentrate on meditation.
best wishes -K. Sakthidasan
hari om,bahiji,danyavad for your letter,i hope you are rigth.some people tell something else.
best wishes.peter
I am not an expert however the mediation is done in the mind level so presence or not presence of even body parts should not matter. Maybe that operation influenced you unconsciously hence that might cause problems with your concentration. Be honest with yourself what you feel about that operation and its influence on your body.... at the end of the day the body is the vehicle only, the self is the valuable asset which we are striving to realize...


hari om,thanks for your answer.
all the best


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